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Radiographic Image Analysis

Learn to produce the most accurate radiographic images on the first try with Radiographic Image Analysis, 4th Edition. This thoroughly updated guide walks you through the steps of how to carefully evaluate an image, how to identify the improper positioning or technique that caused a poor image, and how to correct the problem. For each procedure, there is a diagnostic-quality radiograph along with several examples of unacceptable radiographs, a complete list of radiographic evaluation guidelines, and detailed discussions on how each of the evaluation points is related to positioning and technique. Each unacceptable radiograph is accompanied by a description of the misaligned anatomical structures, how the patient was mis-positioned, and how to adjust technique to obtain an acceptable radiograph.

Hardbound, 560 Pages

Published: December 2014

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-323-28052-5


  • 1. Image Analysis Guidelines
    2. Digital Imaging Guidelines
    3. Image Analysis of the Chest and Abdomen
    4. Image Analysis of the Upper Extremity
    5. Image Analysis of the Shoulder
    6. Image Analysis of the Lower Extremity
    7. Image Analysis of the Pelvis, Hip, and Sacroiliac Joints
    8. Image Analysis of the Cervical and Thoracic Vertebrae
    9. Image Analysis of the Lumbar Vertebrae, Sacrum, and Coccyx
    10. Image Analysis of the Sternum and Ribs
    11. Image Analysis of the Cranium, Facial Bones, Paranasal Sinuses
    12. Image Analysis of the Digestive System


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