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Radiation Curing

Radiation curing is the fastest growing technology in the inks and coatings industries. It is being widely discussed in numerous publications and conferences and is being used or at least tested in all possible industrial applications.

This book's objective is to link theory and practice in a reference guide for formulators in the field of radiation curing. The book is also intended for students and young professionals in coatings and printing inks with no previous experience of radiation curing. In addition to the fundamental principles, therefore, guidance is offered in the selection of raw materials. The Trouble Shooting Chapter summarizes approaches to solving problems that may arise during the manufacture and processing of radiation curable systems.

The focus is on 100 % liquid coating systems that are radically or cationically curable by UV or electron beam radiation. Technologies that are still relatively unimportant are beyond the scope of this book and are discussed only briefly.


Formulators in the field of radiation curing; students

Hardbound, 172 Pages

Published: January 2009

Imprint: Vincentz

ISBN: 978-3-86630-907-4


  • Introduction; Basics of radiation curing technology; Raw materials; Radiation sources; Areas of application; Special test methods; Environmental and occupational protection; Trouble shooting


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