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Quick & Easy Medical Terminology

Make learning medical terminology faster and more fun with Quick & Easy Medical Terminology, 7th Edition! Presenting terms in the context of body systems, this book helps you begin reading, writing, and speaking medical terms in the shortest time possible. Small chunks of information are always followed immediately by exercises, so you will be learning every minute! This edition adds oodles ofmany new illustrations and a new Special Senses chapter, and an Evolve companion website includes word games, activities, and audio pronunciations to make it easier to understand and remember terminology. Written in a clear, conversational style by Peggy C. Leonard, this resource gives you the tools to communicate effectively in the health care environment.


Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-4241-7


  • Part One: The Basics

    1. Simplified Medical Language
    2. Suffixes and Combining Forms Made Easy
    3. Essential Prefixes and More
    4. Diagnostic Procedures and Therapeutic Interventions
    5. The Body as a Whole
    6. Part Two: Body Systems- Musculoskeletal System

    7. Circulatory System
    8. Respiratory System
    9. Digestive System
    10. Urinary System
    11.  Reproductive System
    12. Integumentary System
    13. Nervous System and Psychologic Disorders
    14. Special Senses NEW!
    15.  Endocrine System

    Part 3: Appendixes

    I. Medical Abbreviations

    A. Chapter Abbreviations

    B. Writing Medical Abbreviations

    II. Word Parts

    A. Meanings of Word Parts

    B. English Terms and Corresponding Word Parts

    III. Answers to Exercises


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