Quantum Optics with Semiconductor Nanostructures

Edited by

  • Frank Jahnke, University of Bremen, Germany

An understanding of the interaction between light and matter on a quantum level is of fundamental interest and has many applications in optical technologies. The quantum nature of the interaction has recently attracted great attention for applications of semiconductor nanostructures in quantum information processing. Quantum optics with semiconductor nanostructures is a key guide to the theory, experimental realisation, and future potential of semiconductor nanostructures in the exploration of quantum optics.

Part one provides a comprehensive overview of single quantum dot systems, beginning with a look at resonance fluorescence emission. Quantum optics with single quantum dots in photonic crystal and micro cavities are explored in detail, before part two goes on to review nanolasers with quantum dot emitters. Light-matter interaction in semiconductor nanostructures, including photon statistics and photoluminescence, is the focus of part three, whilst part four explores all-solid-state quantum optics, crystal nanobeam cavities and quantum-dot microcavity systems. Finally, part five investigates ultrafast phenomena, including femtosecond quantum optics and coherent optoelectronics with quantum dots.

With its distinguished editor and international team of expert contributors, Quantum optics with semiconductor nanostructures is an essential guide for all those involved with the research, development, manufacture and use of semiconductors nanodevices, lasers and optical components, as well as scientists, researchers and students.
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Research and Development managers in IT companies; Semiconductor and computer hardware manufacturers; Manufacturers of lasters and optical components; Scientists, researchers and students


Book information

  • Published: July 2012
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-0-85709-232-8

Table of Contents

Part 1 Single quantum dot systems: Resonance fluorescence emission from single semiconductor quantum dots coupled to high-quality microcavities; Quantum optics with single quantum dots in photonic crystal cavities; Modelling single quantum dots in microcavities. Part 2 Nanolasers with quantum dot emitters; Highly efficient quantum dot micropillar lasers; Photon correlations in semiconductor nanostructures; Emission properties of photonic crystal nanolasers; Deformed wavelength-scale microdisk lasers with quantum dot emitters. Part 3 Light-matter interaction in semiconductor nanostructures: Photon statistics and entanglement in phonon-assisted quantum light emission from semiconductor quantum dots; Luminescence spectra of quantum dots in microcavities; Photoluminescence from a quantum-dot-cavity system; Quantum optics with quantum dot and quantum well systems. Part 4 Semiconductor cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED): All-solid-state quantum optics employing quantum dots in photonic crystals; One-dimensional photonic crystal nanobeam cavities; Growth of II-VI and group-III quantum-dot microcavity systems. Part 5 Ultrafast phenomena: Femtosecond quantum optics with semiconductor nanostructures; Coherent optoelectronics with quantum dots.