Quantum Mechanics

Concepts and Applications


  • John McGervey, Case Western Reserve University

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This textbook is useful for a senior-level course on quantum mechanics, which is taken by virtually all undergraduate physics majors. Also of interest to students in materials science or metallurgy (especially quantum statistics), chemistry (especially atomic, molecular and optical), and astronomy.


Book information

  • Published: June 1995
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-483545-0


"Veteran instructor McGervey (Case Western Reserve Univ.) provides a thorough introduction to quantum mechanics...The treatment of the subject is...refreshing in the consistency with which McGervey emphasizes the experiments underlying the development of quantum theory and the degree to which he insists on treating advanced concepts in understandable prose to appeal to a students intuition....A useful resource for physical chemists and applied mathematicians."

"The author has generally struck a good balance between conceptual development and mathematical rigor. [In summary, this book,]because of its unique approach and the improvements over McGervey I, should find substantial use in a one-semester course on Quantum Mechanics at the junior/senior level."

Table of Contents

The Quantum Concept. Waves and Particles. The Schridinger Equation in One Dimension. Further Analysis of One-Dimensional Bound Systems. The Free Particle as a Traveling Wave. Three Dimensions and Angular Momentum. Angular Momentum and Superposition of States. The Radial Schridinger Equation. The Hydrogen Atom. Spin. Identical Particles. Approximate Solutions. Atomic Spectroscopy. Time-Dependent Perturbations and Radiation. Molecular Structure and Spectra. Quantum Statistics. Appendix A: Probability and Statistics. Appendix B: The Boltzmann Factor. Appendix C: Relativistic Dynamics. Appendix D: Derivation of the Eigenfunctions of the L2 Operator. Appendix E: Solution of the Radial Equation for the Hydrogen Atom. Appendix F: Numerical Solution of the Schridinger Equation. Appendix G: Stable Particles. Appendix H: Table of Physical Constants. Index.