Quantitative Tourism Industry Analysis

Introduction to Input-Output, Social Accounting Matrix Modelling and Tourism Satellite Accounts


  • Tadayuki Hara, Associate Professor of Finance and Tourism Management, Rosen College of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida and Senior Research Fellow at Dick Pope Institute for Tourism Studies

Quantitative Tourism Industry Analysis is the first book to deal with the input-output, social accounting matrix in a way which readers from a non-economics or non-mathematical background can follow, in order to understand how useful their application would be for tourism industry analysis. It acquaints readers with useful applications of economic modelling without the unnecessary burden of higher algebra, so that they will understand concepts of the economics measurement system, Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA) methodology.Quantitative Tourism Industry Analysis offers a new set of economic tools for tourism policy analysis, ideal for those with a non-mathematical background.
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Upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in Tourism; Academic and professional researchers in Tourism


Book information

  • Published: June 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8499-6


’Dr. Hara’s book is not simply an illuminating beacon for the students of tourism, but also a very useful guide for practitioners and policy makers trying to understand tourism as an industry.’ ARAKI, Yukiko, Director, Tourism Economy and International Affairs Division, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan ‘Professor Tadayuki Hara provides a readily accessible and comprehensive explanation of models used to measure the relative size and impact of tourism on economic growth and employment. This book would be valuable in teaching students about the importance of tourism in the context of the total economy.’ Dr. Sumiye Okubo, Associate Director for Industry Accounts, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce ‘Quantitative Tourism Industry Analysis is an excellent primer that demystifies the art and science of using quantitative techniques for measuring the magnitude and impact of tourism at the destination and national levels. Its clear, concise and easy to comprehend writing makes it a must read for those interested in the macro aspects of tourism.’ Abraham Pizam, Dean and Linda Chapin Eminent Scholar Chair in Tourism Management, University of Central Florida

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 includes a general discussion on the reasons why we should study the topic of tourism as an industryChapter 2 includes a very brief introduction to other quantitative methods for tourism industry analysis, including regression, time-series and Input-Output/Social Accounting MatrixChapter 3 is a formal introduction to the Input-Output (I-O) modelChapter 4 is Social Accounting Matrix (SAM)Chapter 5 includes an introduction to Tourism Satellite AccountsChapter 6 includes a short discussion for the readers, having been introduced to the I-O/SAM methodology and to TSA, on future directions and possible explorations