Qualitative Research in Sport Management


  • Allan Edwards, Senior Lecturer in Sport Studies, University of Ulster, Ireland
  • James Skinner, Associate Professor in Sport Management at Griffith University, Australia

This book is simply vital reading for any student undertaking a qualitative research project as part of their sport, leisure or recreation management studies, providing everything you need to suceed!

Qualitative Research in Sport Management is the first book of its kind to bring together valuable research designs based on extensive research in qualitative research methods across a number of different fields. Research designs from the fields of business, education, cultural studies, media studies, queer studies, sociology and psychology are applied specifically to sport management, taking into account the special features and nuances of this field.

In each research design the text provides a concise guide to how each model can first be applied to sport management issues and problems, second, strengthen the research design, and finally, enhance the research process.

Each chapter is carefully structured to ensure that key information is easy to locate and remember and includes: Introduction, Objectives, Key Concepts and Terms, and Review and research questions. International case studies, "In Profile" sections with leading sport management researchers and research briefs are used to illustrate how theory is put into practice.

For those academics who prescribe the book, an accompanying website provides powerpoint summaries of each chapter. Please visit: www.textbooks.elsevier.com/9780750685986. You must be registered and logged in to access this resource.

Associate Professor James Skinner, School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University, Australia.

Allan Edwards, Univeristy of Ulster, Ireland.

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Primary: Third year undergraduate and postgraduate students on sport, leisure and recreation management programmes. Secondary: Third year undergraduate and postgraduate students on sport studies, sport sociology and sport/physical education programmes.


Book information

  • Published: March 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8598-6

Table of Contents

I. THE CONTEXT OF SPORT MANAGEMENT RESEARCH1. Introduction to Sport Management Research2. Research Paradigms in Qualitative Sport Management ResearchII. PLANNING THE SPORT MANAGEMENT RESEARCH STUDY. 3. The Sport Management Research Process 4. Research Ethics for Sport Management III. FOUNDATIONS OF SPORT MANAGEMENT RESEARCH. 5. Methods of Data Collection for Sport Management. IV. SELECTING A SPORT MANAGEMENT RESEARCH METHOD. 6. Reflection in Sport Management Research7. Action Research and Sport Management Research8. Autoethnography and Sport Management Research9. Case Study in Sport Management Research10. Deconstruction and Sport Management Research11. Discourse and Critical Discourse Analysis in Sport Management Research12. Ethnography and Sport Management Research13. Emerging Ethnographies in Sport Management Research14. Ethnomethodology and Sport Management Research15. Gender Theories and Sport Management Research16. Grounded Theory and Sport Management Research17. Narrative Inquiry in Sport Management Research18. Phenomenology and Sport Management Research19. Emerging Approaches for Sport Management Research20. Future Directions in Sport Management ResearchV. ANALYZING THE SPORT MANAGEMENT DATA. 21. Modes of Analysis in Sport Management Qualitative ResearchVI. WRITING THE SPORT MANAGEMENT RESEARCH REPORT. 22. Preparation of the Sport Management Research Report.