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PVC Formulary

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most versatile and widely used polymers, with applications as diverse as doors and window frames, flooring, piping, electric wire insulation, toys, food packaging and car interiors.

In this book, George Wypych has brought together in one place the core data and reference information needed by PVC manufacturers, processors, and users:

  • Polymer properties and data for material selection
  • Reference data on the 23 groups of additives are used in PVC processing to improve its properties and obtain the set of product characteristics required by the end-user.
  • A comprehensive collection of 500 formulations compiled from recent patents, journal articles, and information from suppliers. A broad selection of formulations is used in each category to determine the essential components of formulations used in a particular method of processing, the most important parameters of successful products, troubleshooting information, and suggestions of further sources of information on the method of processing.
  • Data on PVC and its products: general data and nomenclature, chemical composition and properties, physical properties, mechanical properties, health and safety, environmental information, use and application information.


Research and development; Production chemists and engineers; Environmental engineers; Lawyers;Legislators; University professors;Students


Published: August 2009

Imprint: Chemtec

ISBN: 978-1-895198-40-9


  • PVC Properties; PVC Additives; The PVC Formulations; Data


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