Psychology of Learning and Motivation book cover

Psychology of Learning and Motivation

Advances in Research and Theory

The Psychology of Learning and Motivation publishes empirical and theoretical contributions in cognitive and experimental psychology, ranging from classical and instrumental conditioning to complex learning and problem solving. Each chapter provides a thoughtful integration of a body of work. Volume 31 covers children's representations of groups, diagnostic reasoning in medical expertise, and object representation.

Researchers and graduate students in cognitive science and neuroscience.

Hardbound, 366 Pages

Published: November 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-543331-0


  • R.M. Colwill, Associative Representations of Instrumental Contingencies.E.A. Wasserman and S.L. Astley, A Behavioral Analysis of Concepts: Its Application to Pigeons and Children.L.A. Hirschfeld, The Child's Representation of Human Groups.V.L. Patel, J.F. Arocha, and D.R. Kaufman, Diagnostic Reasoning and Medical Expertise.B. Landau, Object Shape, Object Name, and Object Kind: Representation and Development.P.G. Schyns and G.L. Murphy, The Ontogeny of Part Representation in Object Concepts.References.Subject Index.


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