Psychology for Health Professionals book cover

Psychology for Health Professionals

This book provides an introduction to psychology for allied health students and it encourages an understanding of the complex and interactive nature of the factors which influence an individual’s health behaviours and health outcomes. Through the use of real life examples, contemporary research and case studies students will be able to apply the material in the text to the health behaviours of the people they care for, their colleagues and themselves. Unlike many health psychology textbooks this new book examines individual personality and psychological theory within the social context of people’s lives. This approach is taken because of the increasing awareness that a person’s behaviour is not only influenced by internal biological and psychological factors, but also by external factors within the person’s social and physical environment. The first half of the book outlines psychological and other relevant theory whilst in the second half those theories are applied to health issues and healthcare practice. Chapters 1-5 presents psychological, lifespan and social theory; chapter 6 addresses the role and contribution of research to healthcare practice; and chapters 7-13 covers the psychological aspects of specific health encounters, issues and interventions.


Published: September 2009

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-7797-7


  • Chapter 1 Psychology: an introduction

    Chapter 2 Lifespan: Early years-pre birth - adolescence

    Chapter 3 Lifespan: Later years-adulthood & ageing

    Chapter 4 Health and Health Psychology

    Chapter 5 Social Context of Behaviour

    Chapter 6 Research for Health Professionals

    Chapter7 Understanding and Changing Health Behaviours

    Chapter 8 Communication for Health CarePractitioners

    Chapter 9 Partnerships in health

    Chapter 10 Stress and coping

    Chapter 11 Loss

    Chapter 12 Pain

    Chapter 13 Health promotion


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