Psychiatric Disorders in Dental Practice book cover

Psychiatric Disorders in Dental Practice

The recent decision to include mandatory teaching of the behavioural sciences in the undergraduate dental curriculum indicates a recognition of the importance of the subject and means that students are having to address this aspect of patient care more
thoroughly. It is hoped that this book will provide a wider understanding of orofacial manifestation of psychiatric disorders, as well as emphasize that the majority of patients with psychological illness may be treated successfully within general
dental practice. Concentrating on those psychiatric disorders most commonly encountered by the dentist, 'Psychiatric Disorders in Dental Practice' gives a detailed description of each syndrome plus relevant methods of treatment. Divided into four
sections for clarity and ease of reference, this book provides comprehensive yet concise coverage of the subject, and should prove invaluable to both dental students and practising dentists, including Vocational trainees. Other members of the dental
team involved in patient care should also find it a useful purchase


Published: July 1994

Imprint: Wright

ISBN: 978-0-7236-1006-9


  • A. Introduction to Psychiatry: 1. Psychiatry in dental practice; 2. Outline of psychiatry; B. Syndromes in Psychiatry: 3. Psychiatric disorders - neurotic illness, personality disorders, psychoses (functional, organic), other (deviant behaviours); 4. Alcoholism, addictions, AIDS; C. Somatic Complaints and Psychiatry: 5. Orofacial manifestations of psychiatric disease - relationship between soma and psyche, psychological factors affecting physical conditions, orofacial manifestations of psychiatric diseases; 6. Dental phobia; 7. Facial pain; 8 Facial deformity; D Treatments in Psychiatry: 9. Physical; 10. Psychological; 11. Social; Concluding remarks - the future; Appendix; Index


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