Proteases of Infectious Agents book cover

Proteases of Infectious Agents

Biochemists, microbiologists, structural biophysicists, pharmacologists, and molecular biologists researching and developing therapeutic defenses against infectious agents.


Published: June 1999

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-420510-9


  • J. Erickson and M. Eissenstat, HIV Protease as a Target for the Design of Antiviral Agents for AIDS.C. Steinkühler, A. Urbani, and R. De Francesco, Proteases of the Hepatitis C Virus.S. Abdel-Meguid and X. Qiu, Human Herpesvirus Proteases.C. Abad-Zapatero, R. Goldman, and K. Stewart, The Secreted Proteinases from Candida: Challenges for Structure-Aided Drug Design.M.N.G. James and E. Bergman, Proteolytic Enzymes of the Viruses of the Family Picornaviridae.C. Berry, Proteases as Drug Targets in the Treatment of Malaria.J. Cazzulo, Chagas Disease.H. Kido, Y. Chen, M. Murakami, Y. Beppu, and T. Towatari, Cellular Proteinases and Viral Infection: Influenza Virus, Sendai Virus, and HIV-1.M. Lively, Bacterial Type 1 Signal Peptidases.J.A. Garcia, M.R. Fernández-Fernández, and J.J. López-Moya, Proteinases Involved in Plant Virus Genome Expression.Subject Index.


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