Property Futures and Securitisation - the Way Ahead book cover

Property Futures and Securitisation - the Way Ahead

This book provides an analysis of the attempts in both US and UK to chase the 'Holy Grail' of liquid property; the buying and selling of small manageable chunks of property and creating a market like those for shares, gilts and derivatives. This is the first book to explore liquid property from an insiders point-of-view, with coverage of all the issues and problems. A practical insight is provided into the techniques which could be employed to create liquidity in the property market, and the benefits that would result from such a phenomenon. This book will be of interest to members of the institutional investment world, chartered surveyors, property professionals and the financial advisory community.


Published: September 1995

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-180-6


  • The concept of commodity, a market and a derivative; The physical property market; Derivative markets; Approaches to the creation of liquidity in the property market; The London Fox experiment; Other market and possibilities; The benefits of a property futures market; The OTC market in property derivatives; The regulatory and tax background; The future of property derivatives.


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