Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry

Edited by

  • Gordon Gribble, Department of Chemistry, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA
  • John Joule, Emeritus Professor, The University of Manchester, UK

Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry (PHC) is an annual review series commissioned by the International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry (ISHC). Volumes in the series contain both highlights of the previous year’s literature on heterocyclic chemistry and articles on emerging topics of particular interest to heterocyclic chemists. The chapters in Volume 23 constitute a systematic survey of the important original material reported in the literature of heterocyclic chemistry in 2010.

As with previous volumes in the series, Volume 23 apprises academic/industrial chemists and advanced students of developments in heterocyclic chemistry in a convenient format.

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Academic and industrial chemists and advanced students interested in heterocyclic chemistry


Book information

  • Published: October 2011
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-096805-6

Table of Contents

1. Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Aspidosperma-type Alkaloids,  Justin M. Lopchuk
2. Synthesis of Heterocycles by Palladium Catalyzed Intramolecular Heteroarylation, Dmytro O. Tymoshenko, Gyorgy Jeges and Brian T. Gregg
3. Three-Membered Ring Systems, Stephen C. Bergmeier and David J. Lapinsky
4. Four-Membered Ring Systems, Benito Alcaide and Pedro Almendros
5.1 Five-Membered Ring Systems: Thiophenes and Se/Te Derivatives, Edward R. Biehl
5.2 Five-Membered Ring Systems: Pyrroles and Benzo Analogs, Jonathon S. Russel, Erin T. Pelkey and Jessica Greger
5.3 Five-Membered Ring Systems: Furans and Benzofurans, Kap-Sun Yeung, Zhen Yang, Xiao-Shui Peng and Xue-Long Hou
5.4 Five Membered Ring Systems: With More than One N Atom, Larry Yet
5.5 Five-Membered Ring Systems: With N and S (Se) Atoms, Yong-Jin Wu and Bingwei V. Yang
5.6 Five-Membered Ring Systems: With O & S (Se, Te) Atoms, R. Alan. Aitken and Lynn A. Power
5.7 Five-Membered Ring Systems with O & N Atoms, Stefano Cicchi, Franca M. Cordero and Donatella Giomi
6.1 Six-Membered Ring Systems: Pyridines and Benzo Derivatives, Philip E. Alford
6.2 Six-Membered Ring Systems: Diazines and Benzo Derivatives, Michael M. Miller
6.3 Triazines, Tetrazines and Fused Ring Polyaza Systems, Dmitry N. Kozhevnikov and Anton M. Prokhorov
6.4 Six-Membered Ring Systems: With O and/or S Atoms, John D. Hepworth and B. Mark. Heron
7 Seven-Membered Rings, John H. Ryan
8 Eight-Membered and Larger Rings, George R. Newkome