Progress in Electromagnetics Research, Volume 1 book cover

Progress in Electromagnetics Research, Volume 1

This important new volume is the first in a series that will report on advances and applications in the modern development of electromagnetics. This series will serve as an international forum for the publication of state of the art review articles on new theories, methodologies and computational techniques, and interpretations of both theoretical and experimental results. The series' wide scope covers the spectrum of related topics from electrostatics to optical frequencies and beyond. It constitutes an invaluable reference for scientists and engineers in the electromagnetics profession and will act as a source of new topics for researchers in electromagnetics.This first volume includes papers on electromagnetics as applied to complex resistivity of the earth, medical treatments, remote sensing, and more.


Published: June 1989

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-01490-0


  • 1. Complex Resistivity of the Earth. 2. Synthesis of Optimum Microwave Antenna Applicators for Use in Treating Deep Localized Tumors. 3. Effective Propagation Constants in Media with Densely Distributed Dielectric Particles of Multiple Sizes and Permittivities. 4. Scattering from Randomly Perturbed Periodic and Quasiperiodic Surfaces. 5. Radiative Transfer Theory for Active Remote Sensing of Two-Layer Random Medium. Index.


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