Programmer's Guide to Internet Mail



  • John Rhoton, Principal Member of Technical Staff, HP Consulting and Integration. Based in Vienna, Austria.

Programmer's Guide to Internet Mail will help you create and manage network applications using powerful Internet mail, directory, and domain name protocols and standards. It succinctly explains from a programmer's perspective not simply the primary Internet mail protocols but also how to use other important network protocols such as LDAP and DNS vital to the creation of message-enabled applications. Readers will learn how these protocols and standards facilitate message submission, delivery and retrieval, support directory lookup, how they interoperate, and how they together create a framework for sophisticated networked applications.Programmer's Guide to Internet Mail will help you select the right protocol, or combination of protocols, for a specific programming function. Written by an expert e-mail and messaging consultant from Compaq, this insightful book is loaded with sample code you can use to begin and accelerate application development.
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Application developers of mail and mail-enabled software, administrators, and those considering mail-enabling their programs


Book information

  • Published: October 1999
  • Imprint: DIGITAL PRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-55558-212-8


I am often asked by my students in those [telecommunications] classes where they can research the details of e-mail protocals and processing and I have found that your text provided excellent coverage of the topic. -Bernard Schmidt Northern Virginia Community College

Table of Contents

Internet Mail; Network Protocols; Generic Utilities; RFC822: Internet Text Messages; MIME:Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions; SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol; DNS; POP3:Post Office Protocol; IMAP:Interactive Mail Access Protocol; ASN.1: Abstract Syntax Notation One; LDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol; The Complete Picture; Appendix A: Library Functions; Appendix B: Sample Code