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Profiling and Serial Crime

Theoretical and Practical Issues

The third edition of Profiling and Serial Crime illustrates the promise, purposes, and pitfalls of behavioral profiling in the investigation of serial crime, and provides a theoretical and practical foundation for students. Part one, on profiling, examines inductive and deductive reasoning, profiling methods (including geographic profiling), metacognition, expert evidence, and more. Part two examines serial crime in detail, including cyber-bullying, stalking, rape, murder, and arson.

This edition has been thoroughly revised throughout to reflect the latest research in criminal profiling and serial crime. Specific updates include six all-new chapters, including serial harassment and cyber-bullying and the motivations of victim and offender, and two replacement chapters on serial rape and serial arson.


Criminal justice and forensic psychology programs. Courses in criminal profiling, especially courses on serial crime. Secondary: Graduate courses and professionals.

Paperback, 480 Pages

Published: January 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3174-9


  • "The first part of this textbook on serial crime and behavioral profiling treats the history, theory, underlying assumptions, and methods of behavioral profiling, paying attention to controversies over the accuracy of behavioral profiling. Part 2 gathers chapters devoted to various types of serial crime, such as stalking, murder, and arson…this third edition contains five new chapters on harassment, bullying, staging, case linkage, and motivation."--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013


    Chapter 1:  Criminal Profiling: A Continuing History by Gareth Norris
    Chapter 2:  Induction and Deduction in Criminal Profiling by Wayne Petherick
    Chapter 3:  Behavioural Consistency, The Homology Assumption, and the Problems of Induction by Wayne Petherick and Claire Ferguson
    Chapter 4:  Criminal Profiling Methods by Wayne Petherick
    Chapter 5:  Geographic Profiling - From Maps and Pins to GIS by Gareth Norris NEW!
    Chapter 6:  The Fallacy of Accuracy in Criminal Profiling by Wayne Petherick
    Chapter 7:  Case Linkage by Michael McGrath NEW!
    Chapter 8:  Staged Crime Scenes by Claire Ferguson NEW!
    Chapter 9:  Investigative Relevance by Claire Ferguson
    Chapter 10:  Metacognition in Criminal Profiling by Barry Woodhouse and Wayne Petherick
    Chapter 11:  Criminal Profiling as Expert Evidence by Wayne Petherick, David Field, Andrew Lowe and Elizabeth Fry
    Chapter 12:  Where to From Here by Wayne Petherick

    Chapter 13: Serial Harassment and Bullying by Wayne Petherick and Yolande Huntingdon NEW!
    Chapter 14:  Serial Stalking:  Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places by Wayne Petherick
    Chapter 15:  Serial Rape by Alicia Jenkins and Wayne Petherick New replacement chapter
    Chapter 16:  Understanding Serial Sexual Murder:  A Biopsychsocial Approach by Robert J Homant and Daniel B Kennedy
    Chapter 17:  Serial Arson by Ross Brogan New replacement chapter
    Chapter 18: Motivations of the Victim and the Offender by Wayne Petherick and Grant Sinnamon NEW!

    Glossary of Terms


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