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Professional Nursing

Concepts & Challenges

This easy-to-read text introduces you to the issues and trends you're likely to encounter in any nursing practice setting. Each stand-alone chapter introduces and explores a specific topic and gives insightful discussions of issues such as the health care delivery system, professionalization in nursing, standards and scope of practice, socialization and nursing theories surrounding the profession, and political action facing nurses.


Published: January 2010

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3666-9


  • 1. Nursing Today

    2. The History and Social Context of Nursing

    3. The Professionalization of Nursing

    4. Legal Aspects of Nursing

    5. Ethics: Basic Concepts for Nursing Practice

    6. Becoming a Nurse: Defining Nursing and Socialization into Professional Practice

    7. Educational Patterns in Nursing

    8. Critical Thinking, the Nursing Process, and the Development of Clinical Judgment

    9. Communication and Collaboration in Nursing

    10. Illness, Culture, and Caring: Impact on Patients, Families, and Nurses

    11. The Science of Nursing and Evidence-Based Practice

    12. Conceptual and Philosophical Bases of Nursing

    13. The Theoretical Basis for Professional Nursing

    14. Nursing and Health Care Delivery: System, Roles, and Finance

    15. Politics and Policy: Nursing’s Role in Shaping Health Care

    16. Nursing’s Future Challenges


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