Professional Diver’s Manual on Wet-Welding book cover

Professional Diver’s Manual on Wet-Welding

Versatility, speed and low cost make wet-stick welding an attractive method for use in underwater repair and construction. This training manual and reference book contains step-by-step procedures for performing basic manual metal arc welding operations together with information on welding equipment, consumables and safety. Exercises are included.

Welding engineers

Paperback, 80 Pages

Published: October 1990

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-006-9


  • Introduction to wet-stick welding; Equipment; Electrodes; Health and safety; Welding terminology; Metallurgy; Defects of underwater welds; Underwater welding process parameters; Welder qualifications/welding (procedures); NDT and destructive testing for quality control; Preparing to weld; Index to exercises.


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