Professional Communications in Eye Care book cover

Professional Communications in Eye Care

A must-have reference to develop effective communication skills to optimize the delivery of clinical care. Specific strategies for interaction are discussed and illustrated in clinical case studies.


Published: December 1993

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9306-6


  • How to Use This Book; Introduction: Bridging the Art and Science of Clinical Care; COMMUNICATION SKILLS; Models of Effective Communication; The Patient-Oriented Interview; Good Listening and Responding Skills; Nonverbal Communication Skills; Delivering Bad News: Supportive Communication; Building Doctor-Patient Rapport; Building Patient Compliance; Patient Education: The Doctor as Teacher; Good Recordkeeping; Interdisciplinary Interactions and Communications; Doctor-Staff Communications; APPLYING COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES IN THE CLINIC; Understanding the Patient's Experience; Optimizing Communication with Specific Patient Groups; Handling Difficult Patient Encounters; Communicating with Psychiatric Patients; Communicating with Pediatric Patients; Communicating with Patients from Special Populations; EXAMINATION OBSERVATIONS; CLINICAL INTERVIEWING: Basic Questions for Primary Care Optometric Interview; Follow-Up Questions on Symptoms; Contact Lens Interview; Vision Therapy Interview; Low Vision Interview; Pediatric Interview; General Medical Interview; INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FOR POTENTIAL OFFICE STAFF MEMBERS


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