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Process Systems Risk Management

Process Systems Risk Management provides complete coverage of risk management concepts and applications for safe design and operation of industrial and other process facilities. The whole life cycle of the process or product is taken into account, from its conception to decommissioning.The breadth of human factors in risk management is also treated, ranging from personnel and public safety to environmental impact and business interruption. This unique approach to process risk management is firmly grounded in systemsengineering. Numerous examples are used to illustrate important concepts –drawn from almost 40 years authors’ experience in risk analysis, assessment and management, with applications in both on- and off-shore operations.This book is essential reading on the relevant techniques to tackle risk management activities for small-, medium- and large-scale operations in the process industries. It is aimed at informing a wide audience of industrial risk management practitioners, including plant managers, engineers, health professionals, town planners, and administrators of regulatory agencies.

For health and safety professionals, government administrators and engineering professionals

Included in series
Process Systems Engineering

Hardbound, 615 Pages

Published: May 2005

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-156932-7


  • &qu: "A very thorough and outstanding book on a very important topic in process safety and loss prevention. Each chapter not only goes into good detail about the specific subject, but also contains a review of the chapter's contents, an excellent and extensive list of references (many of very recent vintage), and a notation list of acronyms used in the chapter. Most of the chapters have worked-out examples which can help to explain the topics discussed, as well as many useful tables and illustrative figures." &source: Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries (2005), Stanley S. Grossel, President Process Safety & Design, Inc., Clifton, NJ, USA


  • 1. Managing Risks from Process Systems
    2. Risk – Estimation, Presentation and Perception
    3. System Models for Risk Management
    4. Identifying Hazards and Operational Problems
    5. Analysing the Consequences of Incidents
    6. Effect Models for Consequence Analysis
    7. Vulnerability Models
    8. Estimating the Likelihood of Incidents
    9. Risk Estimation
    10. Decision Making under Uncertainty
    11. Process Safety Management Systems
    12. Life Cycle Risk Management Tools
    13. Management of Major Hazard Facilities
    14. Auditing Process Safety Management Systems
    15. Land Use Planning Risk Management


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