Process Risk and Reliability Management

Operational Integrity Management


  • Ian Sutton, Principal, Sutton Technical Books

In the last twenty years considerable progress has been made in process safety, particularly in regard to regulatory compliance.  Many companies are now looking to go beyond mere compliance; they are expanding their process safety management (PSM) programs to improve performance not just in safety, but also in environmental compliance, quaility control and overall profitability.  Techniques and principles are illustrated with numerous examples from chemical plants, refineries, transportation, pipelines and offshore oil and gas. 

This book helps executives, managers and technical professionals achieve not only their current PSM goals, but also to make the transition to a broader operational integrity strategy.  The book focuses on the energy and process industries- from refineries, to pipelines, chemical plants, transportation, alternative energy and offshore facilities.  The techniques described in the book can also be applied to a wide range of non-process industries.

The book is both thorough and practical.  It discusses theoretical principles in a wide variety of areas such as management of change, risk analysis and incident investigation, and then goes on to show how these principles work in practice, either in the design office or in an opperating facility.

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Managers and technical staff in the oil and gas industry: refineries, pipelines, transportation, offshore facilities.
Managers and engineers in the process industries.


Book information

  • Published: April 2010
  • ISBN: 978-1-4377-7805-2