Proceedings of MEST 2012: Exponential Type Orbitals for Molecular Electronic Structure Theory book cover

Proceedings of MEST 2012: Exponential Type Orbitals for Molecular Electronic Structure Theory

Advances in Quantum Chemistry presents surveys of current topics in this rapidly developing field that has emerged at the cross section of the historically established areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. It features detailed reviews written by leading international researchers. This volume focuses on the theory of heavy ion physics in medicine.

Quantum chemists, physical chemists, physicists

Hardbound, 312 Pages

Published: December 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-411544-6


  • Fully Correlated Wavefunctions for Three-and Four-Body Systems
    Frank E. Harris and Victor V. Albert

    Electron and Electron-Pair Number and Momentum Densities for Low-Lying States of He, H, and Li+
    Ajit J. Thakkar and Shane P. McCarthy

    A Basis Sets Composed of Only 1s Slater Orbitals and 1s Gaussian Orbitals to Perform Molecular Calculations, SCF-LCAO Approach
    J. E. Pérez , O. E. Taurian, J. C. Cesco, A. E. Rosso, C. C. Denner, C. J. Alturria Lanzardo, F. S. Ortiz and A. Bouferguene

    On a Transformation for the Electrostatic Potential, Generated by the Product of Two 1s Slater Type Orbitals, Giving an Efficient Expression
    J. E. Pérez, O. E. Taurian, A. Bouferguene and Philip E. Hoggan

    d-dimensional Kepler-Coulomb Sturmians and Hyperspherical Harmonics as Complete Orthonormal Atomic and Molecular Orbitals
    Cecilia Coletti, Danilo Calderini and Vincenzo Aquilanti

    Fast Electron Repulsion Integrals for Molecular Coulomb Sturmians
    James Emil Avery

    Three-Body Coulomb Problems with Generalized Sturmian Functions
    G. Gasaneo, L. U. Ancarani, D. M. Mitnik, J. M. Randazzo, A. L. Frapiccini and F. D. Colavecchia

    Further Improvements on &psgr;(&agr;*)-ETOs with Hyperbolic Cosine Functions and Their Effectiveness in Atomic Calculations
    S. Aksoy, S. Firat and M. Erturk

    Reducing and Solving Electric Multipole Moment Integrals
    Niyazi Yükçü and Emin Öztekin

    Recurrence Relations for Radial Parts of STOs and Evaluation of Overlap Integrals via the Fourier Transform Methods
    S. Özay and E. Öztekin

    On the &bgr;-decay in the 8Li and 9Li atoms
    Maria Belen Ruiz and Alexei M. Frolov


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