Private Security Law

Case Studies


  • David Maxwell

Private Security Law: Case Studies is uniquely designed for the special needs of private security practitioners, students, and instructors. Part One of the book encompasses negligence, intentional torts, agency contracts, alarms, and damages. Part Two covers authority of the private citizen, deprivation of rights, and entrapment.The factual cases presented in this book touch on the everyday duties of persons associated with the private security industry. Private Security Law: Case Studies provides a basic orientation to problems capable of inciting litigation. The information presented through case laws comes from cases chosen for their factual, realistic, and practical connection to the private security industry. This focused approach addresses specific problem areas of the industry and provides information necessary to a security manager to avert future loss.
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Book information

  • Published: November 1992
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-9034-8


Succint with knowledgeable chapter intros and case notes. Only book of its kind I have found.

Table of Contents

Part I:NegligenceIntentional TortsAgencyContractsAlarmsDamagesPart II:Authority of Private CitizenProbable CauseArrest by Private CitizenSearch and Seizure by Private CitizenInterrogation by Private CitizenUse of Force by Private CitizensDeprivation of RightsEntrapmentAppendices Glossary