Principles of Security and Crime Prevention book cover

Principles of Security and Crime Prevention

This introductory text provides a thorough overview of the private security system. This edition includes crime prevention and its zones of protection - the theoretical framework that provides the bridge between private and public sector law enforcement. From the historical development and the professional nature of security and crime prevention to the legal aspects of private security, this well-rounded text covers basic elements of security and crime prevention.

Paperback, 490 Pages

Published: January 2000

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-87084-305-1


  • Section I: Historical and Professional Principles of Security and Crime Prevention

    1. The History of Security and Crime Prevention

    2. Security Education and Professional Development

    3. Protective Security and Crime Prevention Services/Resources

    4. Security Personnel

    Section II: Risk Management and Loss Control Principles

    5. Risk Management: Risk Analysis and Security Surveys

    6. Fire Prevention and Safety

    7. Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

    Section III: Crime Prevention Principles

    8. Crime and the Threat Environment

    9. Crime Prevention and Primary Zones of Protection

    10. Crime Prevention and Secondary Zones of Protection

    11. Crime Prevention and Tertiary Zones of Protection

    Section IV: Principles of Public and Private Sector Law Enforcement

    12. Legal Aspects of Private Security

    13. Private Security Career Orientation

    Appendix A - Job Description: Security Programs Manager

    Appendix B - Job Description: Security Officer

    Appendix C - Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990

    Appendix D - School Safety Resources

    Appendix E - Counterterrorism Security Checklist

    Appendix F - Terrorism Risk Assessment

    Appendix G - Risk Identification Procedures

    Appendix H - Selections from the Private Security Task Force Report

    Appendix I - A Commentary and Checklists for Security Surveys


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