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Principles of Reinforced Concrete

Principle of Reinforced Concrete introduces the main properties of structural concrete and its mechanical behavior under various conditions as well as all aspects of the combined function of reinforcement and concrete. Based on the experimental investigation, the variation regularity of mechanical behavior, working mechanism, and calculation method are presented for the structural member under various internal forces. After examining the basic principle and analysis method of reinforced concrete, the book covers some extreme circumstances, including fatigue load, earthquake, explosion, high temperature (fire accident), and durability damage, and the special responses and analysis methods of its member under these conditions.

This work is valuable as a textbook for post-graduates, and can be used as a reference for university teachers and under-graduates in the structural engineering field. It is also useful for structural engineers engaged in scientific research, design, or construction.


Civil Engineers, Construction Engineers, Builders, Structural Engineers, Earthquake Engineers, Architects, and Post- and under-graduated students major in civil engineering and architecture.

Hardbound, 606 Pages

Published: July 2014

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-12-800859-1


  • 1 Introduction

    Part One Mechanical Behavior of Concrete
    2 Basic Mechanical Behavior
    3 Behavior under Influences of Main Factors
    4 Various Structural Concrete
    5 Multiaxial Strength and Constitutive Relation

    Part Two Combined Function of Reinforcement and Concrete
    6 Mechanical Behavior of Reinforcement
    7 Bond between Reinforcement and Concrete
    8 Mechanical Behavior under Axial Force
    9 Confined Concrete
    10 Mechanical Response of Deformation Difference

    Part Three Strength and Deformation of Structural Member
    11 Strength of Member under Compression and Bending
    12 Tensile Crack
    13 Flexural Stiffness and Deformation
    14 Strength of Member under Shear Force
    15 Strength of Member under Torsion

    Part Four Special Behaviors of Structural Members
    16 Aseismic Resistance
    17 Fatigue Resistance
    18 Explosion Resistance
    19 Fire Resistance
    20 Durability

    Exercise and Discussion


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