Principles of Regenerative Medicine

Edited by

  • Anthony Atala, Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
  • Anthony Atala, Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
  • Robert Lanza, Advanced Cell Technology, MA, USA
  • Robert Nerem
  • James Thomson, Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

Virtually any disease that results from malfunctioning, damaged, or failing tissues may be potentially cured through regenerative medicine therapies, by either regenerating the damaged tissues in vivo, or by growing the tissues and organs in vitro and implanting them into the patient. Principles of Regenerative Medicine discusses the latest advances in technology and medicine for replacing tissues and organs damaged by disease and of developing therapies for previously untreatable conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and renal failure.
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Advanced researchers in bioengineering, stem cell biology, and developmental biology.


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  • Published: November 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-369410-2

Table of Contents

Introduction to Regenerative Medicine1Current and Future Perspectives of Regenerative MedicineAnthony AtalaMark E. Furth2Fundamentals of Cell-Based TherapiesRoss Tubo3Stem Cell Research in Regenerative MedicineRobert M. NeremAM DoyleT AhsanBiologic and Molecular Basis of Regenerative Medicine4Molecular Organization of CellsCarol A. EricksonJon D. Ahlstrom5Cell-ECM Interactions in Repair and RegenerationManuela Martins-GreenM. Petreaca6Developmental Mechanisms of Regeneration and Strategies of Regenerative MedicienDavid L. Stocum7Molecular Basis of PluripotencyAli H. BrivanlouAriel J. Levine8How Cells Change Their PhenotypePeter AndrewsPaul J. Gokhale 9Somatic Cloning and Epigenetic Reprogramming in MammalsHeiner NiemannChristine WrenzyckiWilfried A. KuesAndrea Lucas-HahnJoseph W. Warnwath10Transgenic Cloned Goats and Cows for the Production of Therapeutic ProteinsHarry MeadeWilliam GavinLiHow ChenDavid L. MelicanCarol A. ZiomekYann EchelardCells and Tissue Development11Genetic Approaches in Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Their Derivatives: Prospect for Regenerative MedicineMickie BhatiaJunfeng JiBonan Zhong12Embryonic Stem Cells: Derivation and PropertiesJames ThomsonJunying Yu13Stem Cells Derived from Amniotic Fluid and PlacentaPaolo De CoppiGeorg Van DykeM. Minhaj SiddiquiAnthony Atala14Stem Cells Derived from Cord BloodJulie Allickson15Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells: Isolation and InductionCatherine Verfaillie16Bone Marrow Stem Cells: Properties and PluripotencyRen Ke LiMunira XaymardanMassimo CiminiRichard D. Weisel17Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Properties , Markers and TherapeuticsM.A GoodellS.M. ChambersK.K. Lin18Neural Stem Cells: Multipotency Beyond Self-renewal and Phenotypic DifferentiationEvan SnyderYang D. TengPeter M. BlackF.N. SantosDeniz KonyaKook In ParkRichard L. Sidman19Mesenchymal Stem CellsDaniel GazitZumila GazitHadi AslanYossi GafniNadav KimelmanGadi Pelled20Stem Cells and Maturational Lineage Biology: Implications for Clinical, Research and Commercial ProgramsLola ReidHsin-lei YaoN. Cheng21Skeletal Muscle Stem CellsHelen BlauJason H. Pomerantz22Islet Cell Therapy and Pancreatic Stem CellsCamillo RicordiJuan Dominguez-BendalaAntonello Pileggi23Regenerative Medicine for Diseases of the RetinaThomas A. RehDeepak Lamba24Peripheral Blood Stem CellsShay SokerGunter SchuchJ. Koudy Williams25Prospects of Somatic cell Nuclear Transfer Derived Embryonic Stem Cells in Regenerative MedicineJose CibelliZ. Beyhan26Somatic Cells: Growth and Expansion Potential of T LymphocytesRita B. Effros27Mechanical and Chemical Determinants of Tissue DevelopmentDavid KaplanJonathan A. KlugeGary G. Leisk28Morphogenesis, Bone morphogenetic Proteins and Regenerative MedicineA. Hari Reddi29Physical Stress as a Factor in Tissue Growth and RemodelingRobert GuldbergChristopher S. GemmitiYash KolambkarBlaise Porter30Engineering Cellular MicroenvironmentsChristopher S. ChenWendy F. LiuElliot E. HuiSangeeta N. Bhatia31Applications of Nanotechnology for Regenerative MedicineBen Harrison32Gene Chips in Regenerative MedicineJason HippAnthony AtalaBiomaterials for Regenerative Medicine33Design Principles in Biomaterials and ScaffoldsTae Gwan ParkHyukjin Lee34Natural PolymersStephen Badylak35Synthetic PolymersA.G. MikosM.C. Hacker36Hybrid, Composite, and Complex Biomaterials for ScaffoldsHae Bang LeeGilson KhangHee KimMoon Suk Kim37Surface Modification of BiomaterialsAndres Garcia38Cell-Substrate Interactions in Regenerative MedicineKam W. LeongAparna NoriEvelyn K.F. YimSulin Chen39Histogenesis in Three Dimensional ScaffoldsJennifer WestNicole M. Bergman40Biocompatibility and Bioresponse to BiomaterialsJames Anderson41HealingWilliam J. Lindblad42Precision Control of Proteins at Interfaces for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative MedicineBuddy RatnerTherapeutic Applications: Cell Therapy43Biomineralization and Bone RegenerationPeter X. MaJiang HuXiaohua Liu44Blood Substitutes: Reverse Evolution from Oxygen Carrying to Non-Oxygen Carrying Plasma ExpandersMark Van DykeAmy TsaiMarcos Intaglietta45Articular CartilageMyron SpectorFrancois Ng kee Kwong46Implantation of myogenic Cells in Skeletal MusclesJacques TremblayDaniel Skuk47Clinical Islet TransplantationA.M. James ShapiroJuliet A. Emamaulle48Cell-Based Repair for Regeneration and Neovascularization: What, Why, How and Where are We Going in the Next 5 - 10 Years?Andrey G. Zenovich49Retinal pigment epithelium derived from embryonic stem cellsIrina Klimanskaya50Cell Therapies for Bone RegenerationScott P. BruderRehan N. KhanzadaChantal E. HolyF. Jerry Volenec51Cell-Based Therapies for Musculoskeletal RepairRocky TuanWan -Ju LiDavid P. PattersonGeorge T.J. HuangKiran Gollapudi52Hepatocyte TransplantationSteven C. StromEwa C.S. Ellis53Bioartificial LiversLola ReidRandall E. McClelland54Neuronal Transplantation for StrokeDouglas KondziolkaLawrence Wechsler55Cell-Based Drug DeliveryGrace LimTherapeutic Applications: Tissue Therapy56Fetal TissuesChester KohSeyung Chung57Engineering of Large Diameter VesselsGeorge ChristSaami K. Yazdani58Engineering of Small Diameter VesselsRobert TranquilloChrysanthi Williams59Vascular Assembly in Engineered and Natural TissuesLarry V. McIntireEric M Brey60Cardiac TissueMichael V. SeftonMilica Radisic61Regenerative Medicine in the CorneaMay GriffithHeather Sheardown62Alimentary TractMike Chen63Liver Cell-based Therapy in Regnerative Medicine - Bioreactors as Enabling TechnologyJorg GerlachMariah HoutKeneth GageKatrin Zeilinger64Kidney-IntracorporealJames Yoo65KidneyH. David HumesWilliam H. Fissell66Genitourinary SystemAnthony Atala67Tissue Engineering of the Reproductive SystemRoger De Filippo68Therapeutic Opportunities for Bone GraftingJeffrey O. HollingerJohn P. SchmitzThomas A. EinhornGary E. FriedlaenderChris R. BrownScott D. BowdenSamuel Lynch69Cartilage Tissue EngineeringJennifer ElisseeffPaulesh ShahAlexander HillelRonald Silverman70Phalanges and Small JointsMakoto KomuraJames Yoo71Functional Tissue Engineering of Ligament and Tendon InjuriesSavio L.-Y. WooAlejandro J. Almarza72Tissue Therapy: Implications of Regenerative Medicine for Skeletal MuscleJohnny HuardShen Wei73Central Nervous SystemMolly ShoichetJordan H. WosnickM. Douglas Baumann74Peripheral Nerve RegenerationRavi BellamkondaMahesh C. Dodla75Dental Tissue EngineeringPamela YelickYan Lin76Innovative Regenerative Medicine Approaches to Skin Cell-Based Therapy for Patiens with Burn InjuriesJorg GerlachSteven E. WolfChrista JohnenBernd Hartman77Military Needs and Solutions in Regenerative MedicineAlan RussellSara WargoRegulations and Ethics78Ethical ConsiderationsLouis M. Guenin79Religious ConsiderationsLaurie Zoloth80U.S. Stem Cell Research Policy: An IntroductionJosephine Johnston81Overview of FDA Regulatory ProcessCelia WittenAshok BatraCharles N. DurforStephen H. HilbertDavis S. KaplanDonald FinkDeborah VavoieEllen MaherRichard McFarland82Current Issues in U.S. Patent LawPatrea Pabst