Principles of Pollination Ecology book cover

Principles of Pollination Ecology

A completely revised and rewritten edition of this comprehensive survey of the botanical problems of pollination ecology approached from both a theoretical and a practical viewpoint. Examples are drawn from all geographical areas where pollination has been studied and general principles are illustrated by a number of concrete examples. Introductory chapters survey the technical problems and draw comparisons with spore dissemination in cryptogams and pollination in gymnosperms. The following chapters deal with angiosperm pollination and are divided into three parts: organs involved in pollination, flower types and pollinator activities


Published: February 1979

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-023160-0


  • (partial) A short history of the study of pollination ecology. Techniques in pollination ecology. Pollination as spore dispersal. Spore and pollen dispersal in lower plants and gymnosperms. Pollination in angiosperms. Abiotic pollination. Biotic pollination - principles. Biotic pollination - attractants. Biotic pollination - secondary attractants. Structural blossom classes. Animals as pollinators. 'Retrograde' developments. The development of flowers in relation to mode of pollination. Pollination ecology and speciation. Pollination ecology and the biocoenose. Applied pollination ecology. Case histories. Epilogue. References. Index of plant names. Index of animal names. Subject index


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