Principles of Medical Imaging book cover

Principles of Medical Imaging

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Students in courses of medical and diagnostic imaging.


Published: August 1992

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-640970-3


  • "An excellent teaching tool for a course on medical imaging... I am anxious to place my order for several copies for our laboratory, library, offices and to use in course planning."
    --ROY W. MARTIN, University of Washington, Seattle


  • X-Ray:Fundamentals of X-ray.Generation and Detection of X-rays.X-ray Diagnostic Methods.Recent Developments.X-ray Image Characteristics.Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation.Ultrasound:Fundamentals of Acoustic Propagation.Generation and Detection of Ultrasound.Ultrasonic Diagnostic Methods.New Developments.Image Characteristics.Biological Effects of Ultrasound.Radionuclide Imaging:Fundamentals of Radioactivity.Generation and Detection of Nuclear Emission.Diagnostic Methods Using Radiation Detector Probes.Radionuclide Imaging Systems.New Radionuclide Imaging Methods.Characteristics of Radionuclide Images.Internal Radiation Dosimetry and Biological Effects.Magnetic Resonance Imaging:Fundamentals of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.Generation and Detection of NMR Signal.Imaging Methods.In vivo NMR Spectroscopy.Characteristics of Magnetic Resonance Images.Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields.Chapter References.Index.


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