Principles of Electron Optics, 3 book cover

Principles of Electron Optics, 3

Wave Optics

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Electron microscopists, electronic engineers/designers, mass spectrometer and accelerator designers, and applied physicists.

Hardbound, 752 pages

Published: May 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-333354-4


  • The definitive text and source book in the field.

    This is a monumental and timely work-well researched.
    The large breadth of the subject, which has been organically treated, together with the monumental bibliography and the fairly complete subject index make this volume not only an exceptional reference and and guide book, but also a useful explanatory textbook and even a source of information forscience historians. It is a book for everybody interested in the productions of electron images and in their analysis (i.e. teachers, students, and researchers) and, of course, for libraries and laboratories.


  • Wave Mechanics: The Schrodinger Equation. The Relativistic Wave Equation. The Eikonal Approximation. Paraxial Wave Optics. The General Theory of Electron Diffraction and Inference. Elementary Diffraction Patterns. Electron Interference and Electron Holography: Principles of Interferometry. Principles of Holography. Theory of Image Formation: Fundamentals of Transfer Theory. The Theory of Bright-field Imaging. Image Formation in the Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope. Electron Interactions in Thin Specimens: Electron Interactions in Amorphous Specimens. Electron Interactions in Crystalline Specimens. Digital Image Processing: Acquisition, Sampling and Coding. Enhancement. Linear Restoration.Nonlinear Restoration. Three-dimensional Reconstruction. Image Analysis. Instrument Control and Instrumental Image Manipulation. Coherence, Brightness and Spectral Functions: Coherence and the Brightness Functions. Instrumental Aspects of Coherence.Appendix. Notes and References. Index.


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