Principles of Electron Optics, 2 book cover

Principles of Electron Optics, 2

Applied Geometrical Optics

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Electron microscopists, electronic engineers/designers, mass spectrometer and accelerator designers, and applied physicists.


Published: December 1988

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-333352-0


  • "This work should be regarded as both a textbook and a source-book; the fundamentals of the subject are set out in detail, and there the student should find everything needed to master the basic ideas or to begin the analysis of some class of systems not yet explored; the principle electron optical components are likewise dealt with in great detail. I like to recommend this work to each who is concerned within the field of particle optics."

    "The importance of the present volumes is that they present again the whole subject in a very coherent way, but particularly also taking into account the developments of the past twenty years. They should be regarded both as a text book and an important reference....Their aim of providing a very up to date account of the principles of electron optics has been well achieved and they can be highly recommended."


  • Instrumental Optics: Electrostatic Lenses. Magnetic Lenses. Electron Mirrors. Cathode Lenses and Field Emission Microscopy. Quadrupole Lenses. Deflection Systems. Aberration Correction and Beam Intensity Distribution (Caustics): Aberration Correction. Caustics and Their Applications. Electron Guns: General Features of Electron Guns. Theory of Electron Emission. Pointed Cathodes without Space Charge. Space Charge Effects. Brightness. Emittance. The Boersch Effect. Complete Electron Guns. Systems with a Curved Optic Axis: General Curvilinear Systems. Magnetic Sector Fields. Unified Theories of Ion Optical Systems.


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