Primate Anatomy book cover

Primate Anatomy

An Introduction

This book is unlike ay other work on primates: it systematically reviews the biology of all living primates, including humans. It describes their bio-geographical information and provides crucial data pertaining to their body size, fur coloration external distinguishing features, habitat and basic life strategies. Now in its third edition, Primate Anatomy discusses species that are new to science since the last edition with details concerning anatomical features among primates that were re-discovered. New research in molecular primatology is also included due to recent relevant findings in molecular biology in accordance with new technology. The basics of biological taxonomy are introduced, along with photographs of all major groups. Important new and controversal issues make this edition key for every primatologists, anthropologist, and anatomist.

Paperback, 752 Pages

Published: January 2007

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-372576-9


  • Chapter 1 Taxonomic List of Extant Primates New Developments 22 List of Extant Primates 24 Chapter 2 Notes about Taxonomy 45 Population Biology and Classification 50 Traditional or Evolutionary Classification 51 Numerical and Phenetic Classification 52 Cladistics 53 Cladistic Terminology 55 Misunderstandings in Primate Classification 60 The Tarsier Conundrum 64Chapter 3 A History and Objectives of Primatology The State of Affairs 67 History 70 Primatology – a Branch of Biology 72 The Future of Primatology 76 Retrospection and Prediction 77 Definition of Order Primates 81Chapter 4 Survey of Living Primates Survey of Living Tupaias and Prosimii 84 Lemurs 94 Lorises 118 Tarsiers 130 Survey of Living Anthropoidea 135 New World Monkeys 137 Old World Monkeys 164 Hominoidea 194Chapter 5 Skull Skull development and two Kinds of Bones 205 Orbital Region 212 Nasal Region 213 Skull Base and Brain Case 219 Ear Region 222 The Sinuses 225 Comparative Skull Morphology 227Chapter 6 Brain 236 Brain Morphology 245 New Insights Into Brain Function 265Chapter 7 Teeth Tooth Morphology and Diet; can theyReliably be Correlated? 266 Tooth Structure 274 Dental Formulae 277 Dental Typology 283 Functional and Morphological Variation 287 Chewing Mechanics 300 Dental Formulae and Morphology 292 What is New in Tooth Research? 336Chapter 8 Postcranial Skeleton Spine and Thorax 338 Shoulder Girdle 367 Pelvic Girdle 376 Hands and Feet 390 Fifth Extremity 410 Locomotion 415 New Technology Applied to the Study of Primate Locomotion 437Chapter 9 Sense Organs and Viscera Nose and Olfaction Outer Nose and Rhinarium 442 Nose Based Taxonomy 449 Olfaction 450 The Olfactory Epithelium 460 The Genetic Connection of Olfaction 462 The Vomeronasal Organ 465 The Genetic Connection of Pheromone Perception 469 The Septal Organ of Masera 474 Olfactory Messages 475 Oral Cavity, Tongue and Taste The Palate 477 The Tongue 478 The Sublingua 483 Taste 485 The Neural Connection 490 The Genetic Connection 491 Auditory Region, Hearing and Vocalization Outer Ear 493 Inner Ear 503 Hearing 505 Vocalization and Larynx 510 Eye and Eyesight The Substructures of the Eyeball 519 The Substructures of the Retina 523 Macula Lutea and Fovea Centralis 528 The Tapetum Lucidum 531 The Genetic Connection: Opsins and Genes 535 The Neural Connection 549 Eyelids 554 Recent Research and Review of Visual Adaptations 556 Diarhythms and Biochronology 563 Nutrition and Intestinal Tract 577 Review of the Primate Diet 581 Eating Soils and other unexpected Fare 586 Morphology of the Intestinal Tract 591 The Stomach 592 The Small Intestine 595 The Large Intestine 598 Liver and Spleen 600 Touch 601 The Sensitive Skin 603 The Genetic Connection 608Chapter 10 Placentation and Early Development 611 Chapter 11 Reproductive Organs, Reproduction and Growth 626Chapter 12 Chromosomes and Bloodgroups Chromosomes 642 Bloodgroups 671Chapter 13 Molecular Primatology 675 Molecular Clocks 684 Mitochondrial DNA 699 Problems of Phylogenetic Analysis using Molecular Data 701Chapter 14 Primate Genomics 703 Transposable Elements and Numts 748Chapter 15 Conclusion nd a Glance at the Future 753Bibliography 766Index 842


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