Prevention and Treatment of Ischemic Stroke book cover

Prevention and Treatment of Ischemic Stroke

Blue Books of Practical Neurology Series

Provides truly practical evidence and advice to provide to the multitude of clinicians who care for patients with stroke. It is the most up to date and authoritative clinical text on both prevention (includes Epidemiology) and management (including critical care) of ischemic stroke patients (85% of strokes are ischemic). Evidence-based approach will cover treatment and prevention options for both primary and secondary ischemic stroke.

Neurologists; Neurology residents


Published: December 2003

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7464-5


  • 1. Overview: S. Kasner and P.Gorelick
    2. Primary Prevention and Risk Factor Modification: M. Sloan
    3. Etiologies and Mechanisms of Ischemia: E.C Leira and H.P. Adams, Jr.
    4. Diagnostic Evaluation of TIA and Ischemic Stroke: A. Alexandrov
    5. Cardiac Disease and Stroke: P. Pullicino and R. Chan
    6. Large Vessel Atherosclerosis: P. Rothwell and S. Pendlbury
    7. Small Vessel Occlusive Disease: O. Benavente
    8. Unusual and Cryptogenic Etiologies of Stroke: S. Blecic and J.Bogousslavsky
    9. Antithrombotic Therapy for Secondary Prevention: P. Fayad
    10. Risk Factor Modification for Seconary Prevention: S. Ruland
    11. Rapid Clinical Evaluation: C. S. Kidwell and J.L. Saver
    12. Rapid Diagnostic Evaluation: D. Liebeskind
    13. Thrombolytic Therapies: F. M. Al-Senani and J. C. Grotta
    14. Acute Antithrombotic Therapies: B. L. Cucchiara and S. E. Kasner
    15. Emerging Therapies: Y.D. Cheng, L. Al-Khoury, J. Zivin
    16. Acute Supportive Care: J. A. Chalela and J. W. Todd
    17. Medical Complications of Stroke: D. Brown and K. Johnston
    18. Neurological Complications of Stroke: D. Brown and K. Johnston
    19. Rehabilitation After Stroke: A. Dromerick and E. Deibert


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