Preprosthetic and Maxillofacial Surgery

Biomaterials, Bone Grafting and Tissue Engineering

Edited by

  • J Ferri, Roger Salengro Hospital, France
  • E Hunziker, University of Bern, Switzerland

One of the most important factors in ensuring successful osseointegration is the stability of the implant after its insertion. In order to achieve optimum conditions for implantation, it is often necessary to prepare the area and reconstruct the bone to ensure that it is the correct shape and size for the implant. Preprosthetic and maxillofacial surgery provides a thorough review of the current status and future direction of this important field. Part one reviews bone grafting for implantology and reconstructive preprosthetic surgery. Chapters in part two discuss reconstruction and rehabilitation whilst the final group of chapters analyse tissue engineering applications.
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Maxillofacial surgeons, oral surgeons, implantologist dentists, dental implant companies, biomaterials manufacturers, materials scientists, biomedical engineers, R&D Departments


Book information

  • Published: March 2011
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-589-7

Table of Contents

Bone tissue engineering. Part 1 Bone reconstruction in implantology and reconstructive preprosthetic surgery: Fundamentals of bone grafting in implantology; Cranial bone grafting in maxillary preprosthetic surgery; Maxillary sinus grafting for implant insertion; Symphyseal and alveolar reconstruction in preprosthetic surgery; Mandible corpus reconstruction for implant insertion: The available techniques; Alveolar bi-directional distraction in preprosthetic surgery; Alveolar widening using distraction osteogenesis (DO) in maxillofacial surgery; Bone grafting and Le fort 1 osteotomy in cases of major atrophy of the maxilla. Part 2 Reconstruction in particular situations: Applications of biomaterials in alveolar and maxillofacial bone reconstruction; Implants in congenital missing teeth; Maxillo-mandibular amputations and implants rehabilitation; Alveolar reconstruction in cleft for implant rehabilitation; Bone reconstruction in irradiated situations; Periodontal surgery related to alveolar bone reconstruction for implant insertion. Part 3 Tissue engineering: Mucosal and gingival tissue engineering; Osteoinductivization of dental implants and bone-defect-filling materials; Tissue engineering and endodontics; Tooth regeneration: Current status.