Practical Variable Speed Drives and Power Electronics book cover

Practical Variable Speed Drives and Power Electronics

Typical practical applications of VSDs in process control and materials handling, such as those for pumping, ventilation, conveyers, compressors and hoists are covered in detail.

Professional engineers and technicians: electrical power engineering, control engineering (including process and materials handling applications); advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students; control and instrumentation engineers; industrial system integrators; electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers and technicians wishing to understand the essentials of variable speed drives and power electronics.

Paperback, 304 Pages

Published: June 2003

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5808-9


  • Introduction to Variable Speed Drives for Industrial Applications; 3-Phase AC Induction Motors; Power Electronic Converters; Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC); Protection of AC Converters and Motors; Control Systems for AC Variable Speed Drives; The Selection of AC Converters for Variable Speed Drive Applications; Installation and Commissioning of AC Variable Speed Drives; Special Topics and New Developments; Appendix A: Motor Protection - Direct Temperature Sensing; Appendix B: Current Measurement Transducers; Appendix C: Speed Measurement Transducers; Appendix D: International and National Standards; Appendix E: Glossary of Common Terms used with AC Drives; Bibliography : Recommended Additional Reading.


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