Practical Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment and Control Circuits


  • Mark Brown, BAppSc(Phty), MHSc(Sport Phty), MBA, FASMF, APA Sports Physiotherapist, Fellow, Australian Sports Medicine Federation (FASMF), Assistant Professor in Physiotherapy Bond University Senior Staff Engineer, IDC Technologies, Perth, Australia.
  • Jawahar Rawtani, M.Sc(Tech), MBA, Senior Electrical Engineer, Nashik, India
  • Dinesh Patil, B.E (I&C), DipEE, Automation Engineer for alloy production company, Ahmedabad, India.

There is a large gap between what you learn in college and the practical knowhow demanded in the working environment, running and maintaining electrical equipment and control circuits. Practical Troubleshooting Of Electrical Equipment and Control Circuits focuses on the hands-on knowledge and rules-of-thumb that will help engineers and employers by increasing knowledge and skills, leading to improved equipment productivity and reduced maintenance costs. This book will help engineers and technicians to identify, prevent and fix common electrical equipment and control circuits. The emphasis is on practical issues that go beyond typical electrical principles, providing a tool-kit of skills in solving electrical problems, ranging from control circuits to motors and variable speed drives. The examples in the book are designed to be applicable to any facility.
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* Professional engineers* Specialist students* Maintenance Technicians & Supervisors* Plant Electricians* Mechanical Engineers* Production Supervisors* Utilities Maintenance Personnel* Plant Engineers


Book information

  • Published: October 2004
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-6278-9


“In all, a good, well-illustrated book. Although perhaps aimed more at technician level, it would act as a good refresher for those whose main work is no longer tool-based.” — Lighting and Sound International, October 2005

Table of Contents

Basic Principles Devices, Symbols, and Circuits Basic Troubleshooting Principles Troubleshooting AC Motors and Starters Motor Circuit Breakers and Switchboards Troubleshooting Variable Speed Drives Troubleshooting Control Circuits AppendicesIndex