Practical Telecommunications and Wireless Communications book cover

Practical Telecommunications and Wireless Communications

For Business and Industry

The technololgy and structure of telecommunications networks has changed dramatically over the past few years. These developments have changed the equipment you purchase, the services you use, the providers you can choose, and the methods available for transporting data. Practical Telecommunications and Wireless Communications for Engineers and Technicians will be of particular benefit to those who want to take full advantage of the latest and most effective telecommunications technology and services.This book provides a grounding in the fundamentals of modern telecommunications systems in use in industrial, engineering and business settings. From networking for control systems to the use of Wireless LANs for enhanced on-site communications systems.This is a cutting-edge book on the fundamentals of telecommunications for anyone looking for a complete understanding of the essentials of the terms, jargon and technologies used. It has been designed for those who require a basic grounding in telecommunications for industrial, engineering and business applications.

Professional engineersSpecialist students

Paperback, 320 Pages

Published: October 2004

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-6271-0


  • Introduction to telecommunications Telecommunication basics Transmission media The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Private switched telephone services Public transport network technologies Broadband customer access technologies Local and Wide Area Networks Converged networks Wireless (Cellular) communications Appendix A: Practical session dataAppendix B: Glossary


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