Practical Strategies in Pediatric Diagnosis and Therapy


  • Robert Kliegman, MD, Professor and Chair Emeritus, Department of Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Laurence Greenbaum, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Division of Pediatric Nephrology, Department of Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Patricia Lye, MD, Assistant Professor, Division of General Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin

The revised and updated 2nd Edition of this highly acclaimed text approaches diagnosis and treatment the way clinicians do—by symptom rather than disease entity. It combines clinical experience and evidence-based strategies to guide clinicians through differential diagnoses and then to a specific diagnosis, then to appropriate therapy for common pediatric aliments. It's the next best thing to attending oral teaching rounds! A user-friendly, well-tabulated, and illustrated format assists the reader in identifying the many disease states causing a common chief complaint.
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Pediatricians, Family Practitioners, Pediatric Residents, Pediatric Nurse Practitioners


Book information

  • Published: July 2004
  • Imprint: SAUNDERS
  • ISBN: 978-0-7216-9131-2

Table of Contents

Section One:
Respiratory Disorders

1. Sore Throat
Robert R. Tanz and Stanford T. Shulman
2. Cough
William M. Gershan
3. Respiratory Distress
Carolyn M. Kercsmar and Thomas Ferkol
4. Earache
Patricia S. Lye
5. Airway Obstruction in Children
Robert M. Kliegman
6. Apnea and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Mark L. Splaingard

Section Two:
Cardiac Disorders

7. Palpitations and Arrhythmias
George F. Van Hare
8. Heart Failure
Stuart Berger
9. Chest Pain
Garry Sigman
10. Cyanosis
Michelle A. Frommelt and Peter C. Frommelt
11. Heart Sounds and Murmurs
Andrew N. Pelech
12. Hypertension
Sharon Bartosh

Section Three:
Gastrointestinal Disorders

13. Failure to Thrive and Malnutrition
Virginia Keane and Susan Feigelman
14. Acute and Chronic Abdominal Pain
Robert M. Kliegman
15. Diarrhea
Subra Kugathasan
16. Vomiting and Regurgitation
Susan R. Orenstein and John M. Peters
17. Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Francisco A. Sylvester and Jeffrey S. Hyams
18. Hepatomegaly
Frederick J. Suchy
19. Splenomegaly
Kelly W. Maloney
20. Jaundice
Jane P. Balint
21. Constipation
Rita Steffen and Robert Wyllie
22. Abdominal Masses
Michael W. L. Gauderer and John C. Chandler

Section Four:
Genitourinary Disorders

23. Dysuria
Candice E. Johnson
24. Proteinuria
Robert J. Cunningham, III
25. Hematuria
Ben H. Brouhard
26. Renal Failure
Daniel W. McKenney
27. Acid Base and Electrolyte Disturbances
Vimal Chadha and Uri S. Alon
28. Acute and Chronic Scrotal Swelling
Jack S. Elder
29. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Gale R. Burstein
30. Menstrual Problems and Vaginal Bleeding
Marjorie Greenfield
31. Ambiguous Genitalia
Jack S. Elder

Section Five:
Developmental/Psychiatric Disorders

32. Mental Retardation and Developmental Disability
Gregory S. Liptak
33. Dysmorphology
R. Stephen S. Amato
34. The Irritable Infant
Emory M. Petrack
35. Unusual Behaviors
William J. Swift and Hugh F. Johnston
36. Child Abuse
Robert M. Reece

Section Six
Neurosensory Disorders

37. Headaches in Childhood
Ajay Gupta and Bruce H. Cohen
38. Hypotonia and Weakness
Saleem Malik and Michael J. Painter
39. Paroxysmal Disorders
Andrew Bleasel and Elaine Wyllie
40. Delirium and Coma
Larry A. Greenbaum
41. Stroke in Childhood
Michael J. Rivkin
42. Syncope and Dizziness
David A. Lewis (deceased)
43. Eye Disorders
Mark S. Ruttum