Practical Skin Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach book cover

Practical Skin Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach

A Volume in the Pattern Recognition Series, Expert Consult: Online and Print

Practical Skin Pathology is the only dermatopathology reference that uses a systematic pattern recognition approach to help you achieve more accurate diagnoses of both neoplastic and non-neoplastic skin diseases. This volume in the Pattern Recognition Series helps you to efficiently and confidently evaluate even the most challenging skin diseases and lesions.

Hardbound, 784 Pages

Published: June 2013

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4377-1996-3


  • Pattern-Based Approach to Diagnosis

    Ch 1: Spongiotic Dermatitis

    Ch. 2: Erythemas with Perivascular Inflammation

    Ch. 3: Psoriasiform and Lichenoid Dermatitis

    Ch. 4: Vesiculobullous and Selected Pustular Disorders

    Ch. 5: Vascular Disorders

    Ch. 6: Nutritional Deficiency and Gastrointestinal Disease

    Ch. 7: Panniculitis

    Ch. 8: Connective Tissue Disorders

    Ch. 9: Metabolic Diseases

    Ch. 10: Degenerative Diseases

    Ch. 11: Mucinoses

    Ch. 12: Drugs and Physical Agents

    Ch. 13: Noninfectious Granulomas

    Ch. 14: Non-neoplastic Diseases of Appendages

    Ch. 15: Pigmentation Disorders

    Ch. 16: Disorders of Epidermal Maturation, Keratinization, and Connective Tissues

    Ch. 17: Infectious Diseases, Including Infestations and Parasitic Diseases

    Ch. 18: Epidermal Cysts and Tumors

    Ch. 19: Cutaneous Appendageal Tumors

    Ch. 20: Metastatic Tumors in the Skin

    Ch. 21: Fibrous Tissue Tumors

    Ch. 22: Vascular and Perivascular Proliferations of the Skin

    Ch. 23: Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions Showing Neural, Nerve Sheath, and Adipocytic Differentiation

    Ch. 24: Tumors of Muscle, Cartilage, and Bone

    Ch. 25: Histiocytic Proliferations

    Ch. 26: Disorders of Mast Cells and Plasma Cells

    Ch. 27: Lymphoid Infiltrates, Lymphoma, and Hematopoietic Proliferations Involving  the Skin

    Ch. 28: Melanocytic Tumors



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