Practical Security Training book cover

Practical Security Training

Practical Security Training is designed to help security departments develop effective security forces from the personnel screening and selection process to ensuring that proper ,cost-efficient training is conducted. Using the building block and progressive method approach allows security staff to become increasingly more effective and more confident. Flexible and practicle, these tools allow security practitioners to adapt them as needed in different environments.Considering hypothetical situations and case studies, performing drills and continually evaluating performance, the security staff can be better prepared to deal with both routine and emergency situations.

Security professionals, supervisors, training departments

Paperback, 272 Pages

Published: October 1999

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7159-0


  • Mr. Kane is sensitive to the challenges of teaching security techniques to adults and suggests ways to improve training of security personnel. -Access Control & Security Systems Integration


  • Introduction to Practical Security Training; Practical vs. Theoretical Training; Identifying the Training Needs of the Security Force; Use of Case Studies in Training; Use of Hypothetical Situations in Training; Emergency Drills - Putting Procedures into Practice; Role Play - Getting a Feel for "Real Life" Situations; Exercises to Improve Observation Skills; Testing Training's Effectiveness; Training Management and Specialized Personnel; Individual Applications of Practical Training; Resources for Security Trainers


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