Practical Radiation Protection and Applied Radiobiology book cover

Practical Radiation Protection and Applied Radiobiology

The latest edition of this text presents both theory and clinical practice of radiation protection and radiobiology -- from X-ray production and nuclear medicine to radiation therapy. Updated to reflect recent regulations, this text serves as a complete review for national certification exams as well as a useful review for clinical practice.

Paperback, 368 Pages

Published: March 1999

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-7523-7


  • The Basis for Radiation Protection. The Production of X-Radiation. Ionizing Radiation. Interactions of Radiation with Matter. Cellular Biology and History of Radiobiology. Principles of Radiobiology. Early Effects of Radiation. Late Effects of Radiation. Radiation Safety/Protection and Health Physics. Protecting the Radiographer and Other Workers. Protecting the Patient in Radiography. Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine. Applying Radiobiology and Protection to Radiation Therapy. Patient Education. Appendix A: Commonly Used Formulas. Appendix B: A Guide to Radiation Protection Resources on the Internet. Appendix C: The Greek Alphabet. Index.


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