Practical Evidence-Based Physiotherapy book cover

Practical Evidence-Based Physiotherapy


Published: May 2005

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-8820-8


  • Chapter 1. Evidence-Based Physiotherapy: What, Why and How?
    What is evidence-based physiotherapy?
    Why is evidence-based physiotherapy important?
    History of evidence-based health care
    How will this book help you to adopt evidence-based physiotherapy?
    Chapter 2. What Do I Need To Know?
    Relevant clinical questions
    Refining your questions
    Chapter 3. What Constitutes Evidence?
    What constitutes evidence about effects of interventions?
    What constitutes evidence about experiences and processes?
    What constitutes evidence about prognosis?
    What constitutes evidence about the accuracy of diagnostic and screening tests?
    Chapter 4. Finding The Evidence
    Search strategies

    Finding evidence of effects of interventions
    Finding evidence of prognosis and diagnostic tests
    Finding evidence of effects of experiences and attitudes
    Finding evidence of advances in clinical practice (browsing)
    Chapter 5. Can I Trust This Evidence?
    A process for assessing validity of evidence
    Assessing validity of evidence about effects of intervention
    Assessing validity of evidence about attitudes and experiences
    Critical appraisal of evidence about prognosis
    Critical appraisal of evidence about diagnostic tests
    Chapter 6. What Does This Evidence Mean For My Practice?
    What does this randomized trial mean for my practice?
    What does this systematic review of effects of intervention mean for my practice?
    Is the evidence relevant to me and my patients?
    What does the evidence say?
    What does this study of attitudes and experiences mean for my practice?
    What does this study of prognosis mean for my practice?
    What does this study of the accuracy of a diagnostic test mean for my practice?
    Chapter 7. Clinical Guidelines As A Resource For Evidence-Based Physiotherapy
    What Are Clinical Guidelines?
    History Of Clinical Guidelines And Why They Are Important
    Where Can I Find Clinical Guidelines?
    How do I know if I can trust the recommendations in a clinical guideline?
    Legal implications of clinical guidelines
    Reflections on the future of guideline development
    Chapter 8. Making It Happen
    What do we mean by ‘making it happen’?
    Changing is hard
    Evidence-based implementation
    Evidence-based practice in the context of quality improvement
    Chapter 9. Am I On The Right Track?
    Assessing Patient Outcomes – Clinical Measurement
    Assessing process – audit
    Concluding comments


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