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Practical Drilling Technologies

To meet the requirement that lower cost drilling technology and new practical drilling technology should be adopted to exploit difficult-to-production reserves, this book thoroughly introduces the cable drilling technology, the slim hole drilling technology, the horizontal drilling technology, the multilateral drilling technology, the old wells reentrance drilling technology, the casing drilling technology, the coiled tubing drilling technology, etc., as well as demonstrating the lower cost drilling fluid technology, the expandable tubular technology, and the technology of turning drilling fluid into cement slurry, etc.

Equipment and procedures involved with drilling oil and gas wells are described for those who are interested in understanding the drilling process regardless of the academic background. The overall drilling process is presented along with definitions and descriptions of drilling equipment. The various components are discussed in greater detail with explanations of the basic science concepts which guide these processes. Subjects include descriptions of drill bits, directional drilling, drilling fluids, solids control, cementing, casing, well bore stability, well control, measurement-while-drilling techniques, stuck pipe, lost circulation, and well bore hydraulics.


Drilling Engineer, Completion Engineer, Drilling Manager, Production Engineer, Operations Manager, Project Production Engineer


Published: January 2015

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-12-397029-9


  • Chapter 1 Cable drilling technology

    Section 1 Overview

    Section 2 Cable drilling equipment and drilling tool

    1. Cable drilling rig

    2. Drilling line, drilling tool and auxiliary tools

    Section 3 Cable drilling process

    1. Pre-spud operation

    2. Cable drilling procedure

    3. Efficiency factor and controlling method for cable drilling

    4. Cable drilling soil horizon

    5. Water zone plugging process during cable drilling

    6. Well logging and coring technique for cable drilling

    7. Prevention and disposal for flat and oblique hole accident during cable drilling

    8. Cable drilling bit truing technology

    9. Simple and practical cementing technology for cable drilling

    10. Disposal for cable drilling accidents

    Section 4 Examples of cable drilling

    Chapter 2 Slim hole drilling technology

    Section 1 Overview

    1. Definition of slim hole

    2. Economic benefit of slim hole drilling technology

    Section 2 Slim hole drilling equipment and tools

    1. Slim hole drilling rig

    2. Slim hole drilling bit, drilling pipe and drilling tools

    Section 3 Slim hole coring technology

    Section 4 Drilling fluid for slim hole drilling

    1. Drilling fluid for slim hole continuous coring

    2. Drilling fluid for deep slim hole drilling

    Section 5 Examples of slim hole drilling

    1. Example of drilling 104.7mm hole by conventional slim hole drilling technology

    2. Example of slim hole continuous coring drilling

    3. Example of slim hole horizontal drilling

    4. Example of 114.3mm HP slim hole drilling

    5. Example of HWHP slim hole drilling in North Sea

    6. Example of slim hole drilling by EUROSLIM integrated system

    Chapter III Horizontal drilling technology

    Section 1 Overview

    1. Classification and features of horizontal well

    2. Overview of development, application and benefit of horizontal drilling at home and abroad

    Section 2 Basis of horizontal well design

    1. Reservoir description and fine geologic design

    2. Selection of completion method for horizontal wells

    3. Design of horizontal well target parameters

    4. Design of horizontal well profile

    5. Drilling string design

    6. Casing design for conventional horizontal wells

    Section 3 Well path control and process essentials

    1. Design and calculation of overall control plan

    2. Landing control

    3. Horizontal control

    4. Introduction to measuring instruments

    5. Selection of drilling rig

    6. Selection of drilling parameters and precautions for drilling operations

    Section 4 Technical measures related to cost reduction of horizontal drilling


    Chapter IV Multi-lateral well technology

    Section 1 Overview

    1. Concept of multi-lateral well

    2. Significance of multi-lateral well

    Section 2 Main types of multi-lateral well and classification of completion system

    1. Type of multi-lateral well

    2. Classification of multi-lateral well completion system (TAML classification system)

    Section 3 Design of multi-lateral well

    1. Design principle of multi-lateral well

    2. Design of multi-lateral well paths

    Section 4 Drilling fluid for multi-lateral drilling

    1. Requirements of multi-lateral drilling for drilling fluid

    2. Considerations for selection of multi-lateral drilling fluid

    3. Drilling fluid system for multi-lateral drilling

    Section 5 Multi-lateral drilling technology

    1. Sidetracking method of multi-lateral well

    2. Deflection tool for multi-lateral well

    3. Drilling system for multi-lateral well

    Section 6 Completion technology for multi-lateral well

    1. Completion requirements for multi-lateral well

    2. Completion system and sealing control for multi-lateral well

    3. Completion method for multi-lateral well

    Section 7 Examples of multi-lateral well application

    1. Multi-lateral well Hai 14-20

    2. Multi-lateral well Xinqian 90

    3. Multi-lateral horizontal well Jing 31-59


    Chapter 5 Underbalanced drilling technology

    Section 1 Overview

    Section 2 Underbalanced drilling technology by means of downhole gas injection

    1. Required special equipments and gas injection method

    2. Considerations for drilling design by means of downhole gas injection

    3. Selection of drilling fluid

    4. Examples of underbalanced drilling technology by means of downhole gas injection

    Section 3 Air drilling technology

    1. Main equipments and tools for air drilling

    2. Air drilling process

    3. Examples of air drilling

    Chapter 6 Old well reentry drilling technology

    Section 1 Overview

    Section 2 Basic features of old well reentry drilling

    Section 3 Design procedure of old well reentry drilling

    Section 4 Selection of well profile

    Section 5 Drilling string structure

    Section 6 Casing windowing or section milling

    Section 7 Well path control

    1. Medium-radius, medium to short radius horizontal well path control tool and process

    2. Short-radius horizontal well path control tool and process

    3. Clinometer

    Section 8 Completion for old well reentry sidetracking

    1. Completion fluid

    2. Completion method

    Section 9 Examples of old well reentry sidetracking short-radius horizontal well

    1. Design of well profile

    2. Bottom-hole assembly (BHA) of short-radius horizontal well

    3. Drilling operation

    4. Efficiency of short-radius horizontal drilling

    Section 10 Radial horizontal drilling technology

    1. Radial horizontal drilling system and drilling parameters

    2. Radial horizontal well completion technology

    3. Radial horizontal drilling and completion technology in Liaohe Oilfield

    Chapter 7 Casing drilling technology

    Section 1 Overview

    Section 2 Casing drilling rig

    1. Well derrick and module-based building

    2. Digital programmable logic control system (PLC)

    3. Drawworks

    4. Top drive and other equipments

    Section 3 Casing drilling tools

    1. Casing drilling assembly

    2. Casing centralizer

    3. Casing collar inbuilt torsion-bearing ring

    4. Bit and down-casing reamer

    5. Casing connector

    Section 4 Considerations for casing drilling

    1. Inflexion

    2. Fatigue

    3. Water horsepower

    Section 5 Examples of casing drilling

    1. Examples of casing drilling by US Chevron Production Corporation

    2. Examples of casing drilling application in beach area in Dagang Oilfield

    Section 6 Liner drilling technology

    1. Liner drilling system

    2. Liner hanger

    3. Drilling operation


    Chapter 8 Coiled tubing drilling technology

    Section 1 Overview

    Section 2 Basic knowledge on coiled tubing

    1. Coiled tubing material

    2. Coiled tubing strength

    3. Coiled tubing failures

    4. Methods to extend coiled tubing service life

    5. Calculation of coiled tubing burst pressure

    6. Prediction calculation of coiled tubing fatigue life

    Section 3 Coiled tubing rig

    1. Common coiled tubing rig

    2. Typical coiled tubing drilling device

    3. Composite (doubleduty) coiled tubing rig

    Section 4 Bottom-hole assembly (BHA) for coiled tubing drilling

    1. Basic components of BHA for coiled tubing drilling

    2. Typical BHA for coiled tubing drilling

    3. BHA for electric coiled tubing drilling

    Section 5 Examples of coiled tubing drilling

    1. Coiled tubing drilling practice of Atlantic Richfield Company in Prudhoe Bay

    2. Coiled tubing window sidetracking of Shell in North Sea

    Chapter 9 Expansion tube technology

    Section 1 Type of expansion tube

    1. Slotted expansion tube

    2. Solid expansion tube

    Section 2 Tools and auxiliary equipments

    1. Expansion tube joint

    2. Downhole setting tools of expansion tube

    3. Expansion cone

    Section 3 Application method and scope of expansion tube

    1. Expansion tube run in hole

    2. Tube expansion

    3. Overlap joint of expansion tube

    Section 4 Examples of expansion tube application

    1. Examples of expansion sand control net application

    2. Examples of expansion tube application in deep water drilling

    3. Examples of expansion tube application for casing repair


    Chapter 10 Low-cost drilling fluid

    Section 1 Functions of drilling fluid

    Section 2 Materials of drilling fluid

    1. Raw materials of drilling fluid

    2. Treating agent of drilling fluid

    Section 3 Types and formulas of low cost drilling fluid

    1. Water-based drilling fluid and completion fluid

    2. Gas-based fluid

    3. Cost rank of various drilling fluid and completion fluid


    Chapter 11 Reservoir protection technology during drilling and completion

    Section 1 Reservoir characteristics and potential damage factors

    1. Rock mineral features

    2. Reservoir and flow space and physical properties

    3. Pore-throat structure

    4. Reservoir rock surface nature

    5. Reservoir fluid nature

    6. Reservoir sensitivity

    Section 2 Reservoir protection technology during drilling

    1. Reservoir damage reasons during drilling

    2. Engineering factors resulting in reservoir damage degree during drilling

    3. Drilling fluid technology for reservoir protection

    4. Drilling process for reservoir protection

    5. Cementing technology for reservoir protection

    Section 3 Evaluation technology on reservoir protection during drilling and completion

    1. Laboratory evaluation on reservoir damage by drilling fluid and completion fluid

    2. Site evaluation technology


    Chapter 12 Drilling fluid converting to mud slurry technology

    Section 1 Overview

    Section 2 MTC principle

    Section 3 Slag MTC material

    1. Drilling fluid

    2. Blast furnace slag

    3. Slag activator

    4. Dispersant

    5. Retardant

    Section 4 Slag MTC slurry formula and properties

    1. Slurry density

    2. Liquid-solid ratio

    3. Rheological property

    4. Thickening time

    5. Water loss

    6. Compression strength

    7. Free fluid

    Section 5 Microstructure, hydrated product and properties of slag MTC solid

    1. Microstructure and hydrated product of slag MTC solid

    2. Compression strength

    3. Permeability

    4. Fracture toughness of slag MTC solid

    5. Settlement stability

    6. Static gel strength

    7. Dynamic mechanical property

    8. Simulated perforation and channeling detection test

    9. Anti-corrosion property

    Section 6 On-site application

    1. On-site operation process

    2. On-site applications in China



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