Practical Binocular Vision Assessment book cover

Practical Binocular Vision Assessment

A Practical Guide

With its suggested routines and protocols, this book with its straightforward, 'how-to-do-it' approach appeals to students and practitioners alike.

A step-by-step book condensing years of experience into a single volume.
Specially designed and presented the book provides rapid access to information for the student or busy practitioner.
Objectives in shaded boxes at the start of each chapter and helpful summaries make practice easier.
All tests presented together on a double page spreads and there are helpful routines and protocols to follow.
A CD-Rom further illustrates the conditions in video clips

With its attractive presentation and valuable CD-Rom, this text is an essential purchase for all optometrists, dispensing opticians and trainee orthoptists and junior ophthalmologist.


Published: December 2003

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5010-6


  • Foreword
    Chapter 1
    History and symptom taking for an adult
    History and symptom taking for a child

    Chapter 2
    Visual acuity testing for distance and near
    Description of use of the following charts: Cardiff acuity cards, Keeler cards (with matching), Snellen (with matching), Sheridan Gardner, Cambridge acuity cards, Sonkson-Silver, LH symbols.

    Chapter 3
    Cover testing

    Chapter 4
    Oculo-motility testing

    Chapter 6
    Stereoacuity testing
    Types of test: TNO, Titmus (Randot), Frisby, Lang I and Lang II)
    Importance of stereoacuity testing


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