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Practical Aviation Security

Predicting and Preventing Future Threats

The second edition of Practical Aviation Security is a complete guide to the aviation security system, from crucial historical events to the policies, policymakers, and major terrorist and criminal acts that have shaped the procedures in use today. The tip-of-the-spear technologies that are shaping the future are also addressed.

This text equips readers in airport security or other aviation management roles with the knowledge to implement the effective security programs, to meet international guidelines, and to responsibly protect facilities or organizations of any size. Using case studies and practical security measures now in use at airports worldwide, readers learn the effective methods and the fundamental principles involved in designing and implementing a security system.

The aviation security system is comprehensive and requires continual focus and attention to stay a step ahead of the next attack. Practical Aviation Security, Second Edition helps prepare practitioners to enter the industry, and helps seasoned professionals prepare for new threats and prevent new tragedies.

Airport operations specialists; airport security managers; homeland security personnel; students in aviation and homeland security programs

Hardbound, 520 Pages

Published: January 2013

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-12-391419-4


  • "... the depth of research and application delivered by the authors is evident...This book should be required reading for all those involved in the protection of airports, airlines, aircraft, and-above all-passengers." -Security Management, Nov 2014


  • Foreword from the First EditionForewordPrefaceAcknowledgmentsCompanion Website

    Chapter 1 Overview of the Aviation Industry and Security in the Post 9/11 WorldChapter 2 Crime and Terrorism in Aviation: A RetrospectiveChapter 3 Policies and Procedures: The Development of Aviation Security PracticesChapter 4 The Role of Government in Aviation SecurityChapter 5 Commercial Aviation Airport SecurityChapter 6 Introduction to ScreeningChapter 7 Passenger and Baggage ScreeningChapter 8 Commercial Aviation Aircraft Operator SecurityChapter 9 General Aviation SecurityChapter 10 Air Cargo SecurityChapter 11 The Threat MatrixChapter 12 Security OperationsIndex


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