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Poultry Diseases

Now in its sixth edition, Poultry Diseases is once again fully revised with the addition of vital new material. It remains the standard reference work on health and disease for those involved in the poultry industry, government and veterinary education. Following a familiar structure, readers of the sixth edition gain concise but major reviews on current knowledge of general and disease-specific topics discussed over 45 (5 new) chapters in seven sections. With a large international team of contributors led by an authoritative editor team and a Foreword by Professor Frank Jordan, Poultry Diseases is an invaluable resource for the practicing veterinarian, poultry inspector, agricultural manager or veterinary student.

Hardbound, 632 Pages

Published: November 2007

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7020-2862-5


  • Section 1 General Overview

    1. The poultry industry

    2. How to carry out a field investigation

    3. Laboratory investigation to support health programmes and disease diagnosis

    4. Biosecurity in poultry management

    5. Vaccines and Vaccination

    6. Medicines and medication

    7. Legislation and poultry welfare

    Section 2 Bacterial Diseases

    8. Enterobacteriaceae

    9. Avian infections caused by species of Pasteurellaceae,Ornithobacterium and Riemerella: an introduction

    10. Fowl cholera

    11. Infectious coryza and related diseases

    12. Gallibacterium infections and other avian Pasteurellaceae

    13. Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale

    14. Riemerella infections

    15. Avian bordetellosis (turkey coryza)

    16. Campylobacter

    17. Staphylococci, streptococci and enterococci

    18. Clostridia

    19. Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae – erysipelas

    20. Avian mycoplasmas

    21. Avian chlamydophilosis (chlamydiosis/psittacosis/ornithosis)

    22. Some other bacterial diseases

    Section 3 Viral Diseases

    23. Herpesviridae (Marek’s disease virus, Infectious laryngotracheitis, Duck virus enteritis)

    24. Retroviridae

    25. Paramyxoviridae (Paramyxovirinae, Pneumovirinae)

    26. Orthomyxoviridae – Avian Influenza

    27. Poxviridae

    28. Coronaviridae

    29. Picornaviridae

    30. Birnarviridae

    31. Adenoviridae

    32. Reoviridae (Reoviruses, Rotaviruses)

    33. Astroviridae

    34. Circoviridae

    35. Parvoviridae

    36. Caliciviridae and hepeviruses

    37. Arthropod-borne viruses

    Section 4 Fungal Diseases

    38. Fungal diseases

    Section 5 Parasitic Diseases

    39. Parasitic diseases

    Section 6 Diseases of Body Systems

    40. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

    Section 7 Other Disorders, Poisons and Toxins

    41. Practical epidemiology of poultry disease and multi-factorial conditions

    42. Nutritional disorders

    43. Management as a cause of disease in poultry

    44. Toxicants in poultry

    45. Diseases of gamebirds

    Appendix: Some useful data



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