Postoperative Pain Management book cover

Postoperative Pain Management

An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice

A team of today's leaders in this rapidly changing field present definitive, evidence-based guidance on optimal postoperative pain practice. Comprehensive in scope, the text spans the spectrum of patients from infants to the elderly, and examines topics including the scientific basis of postoperative pain, management of postoperative pain, and postoperative pain management in specific clinical settings. A bonus CD-ROM, bound in the text, presents approximately 200 case-based question sets for self-assessment.


Published: June 2006

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-2454-5


  • I. Evidence-Based Practice

    1. Introduction

    2. The Principles of Evidence-Based Practice

    3. Accessing Information on Pain Management

    4. Practice Guidelines, Protocols and Recommendations

    II. Scientific Basis of Postoperative Pain and Analgesia

    5. The Neurohumoral, Inflammatory and Coagulation Responses to Surgery

    6. Nociceptive Mechanisms of Postoperative Pain

    7. Neuropathic Mechanisms of Postoperative Pain

    8. Genetic Factors in Postoperative Pain

    9. Patient Outcome in Postoperative Pain

    10. Wound Healing and Pain

    III. Management of Postoperative Pain

    11. Pain Management Objectives

    12. Clinical Assessment of Postoperative Pain

    13. Prediction and Preemptive analgesia

    14. The Acute Pain Service

    15. Opioids: Indications, Efficacy and Regimens

    16. Opioids: Adverse Effects, Limitations and Failures of Therapy

    17. Patient-Controlled Analgesia

    18. Regional and Peripheral Techniques

    19. NSAIDs

    20. Multimodal Analgesia

    21. Nonconventional Analgesics and Techniques

    IV. Postoperative Pain Management in Specific Clinical Settings

    22. Postoperative Pain Management in Infants and Children

    23. Postoperative Pain Management in the Elderly

    24. Postoperative Pain Management Following Caesarean Section

    25. Postoperative Pain Management for Patients with Drug Dependence

    26. Postoperative Pain Management in the Ambulatory Setting

    27. Prevention And Management of Chronic Postsurgical Pain


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