Positional Release Techniques with DVD-ROM book cover

Positional Release Techniques with DVD-ROM

A comprehensive textbook covering all methods of spontaneous release by positioning. The background theory is explained and the techniques described in detail. The descriptions of the techniques are supplemented in the text by clear 2-colour line drawings and photographs and the DVD-ROM provides additional explanation through the use of video demonstrations with narrative by the author.

Manual therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, manipulative physical therapists - students and practitioners for all groups. Massage therapists. Those working in sports training and rehabilitation.

Online version,

Published: December 2007

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3293-6


  • Chapter 1 Spontaneous positional release
    Chapter 2 The evolution of dysfunction
    Chapter 3 The clinical use of strain/counterstrain techniques
    Chapter 4 Advanced SCS and functional approaches
    Chapter 5 Muscular pain: trigger points, fibromyalgia and positional release
    Chapter 6 Functional technique
    Chapter 7 Facilitated positional release (FPR)
    Chapter 8 Sacro-occipital technique use of padded wedges for diagnosis and treatment, Robert Cooperstein
    Chapter 9 Overview of the McKenzie Method, Anthony J. Lisi
    Chapter 10 The Mulligan concept: NAGs, SNAGs, MWMs, Ed Wilson, Dan G. Pilderwasser, Palmiro Torrieri Jr, and Marcelo Viana Marques Ferreira
    Chapter 11 Unloading and proprioceptive taping, Dylan Morrissey
    Chapter 12 Application of positional techniques in the treatment of animals, J. Brooks and A. G. Pusey


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