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Portable Health Administration

The Portable MHA is a concise, readable book that gives an overview of the information covered in a Master of Health Administration program. The material is presented in a fashion so that professionals, administrative academics, and graduate students would be able to read, understand and utilise the information. The text offers distinct benefits to a variety of users. Academic, professional and medical students will be given an understanding of the health care system in which they will have to practice. They will learn how organisations function, and the real role of leadership. Administrative academics, practising clinicians and others assuming management roles but lacking formal training in Health Administration, will be introduced to the language and principles of Health Administration. Graduate students in the field will have the opportunity to be introduced to it by a team of educators experienced in the instruction of a spectrum of students and "real world" consultation experience adding further relevance to their chapters.

Postdocs, fellows, professionals, clinicians, graduate students, medical students, anyone in a Masters in Health Administration degree program, and others assuming mangement roles but lacking formal training in Health Administration

Paperback, 326 Pages

Published: December 2003

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-780590-0


  • OverviewEnvironmental Issues: Health Care Systems, Politics and Policy, and AccessHealth Administration: Systems, Policy and Management How Politics Makes Health PolicyPoverty and the Ethics of Equitable Access and Quality Critical Organization & Management ElementsThe Tough Work of Leadership Developing Networks to Deal with Complex Health Care Problems Management Information Systems for Clinicians: Design and Function Medical Care Quality: Double Track Thinking and ActionQuality Care and Academic Medical Centers: the Need for PhysicianListening to Stakeholders Input - Interviews, Focus Groups Surveys and Direct ObservationLessons Learned from Hospital Mergers Finance, Economics, and InsuranceIts Not About the Money: Financing and Payment of Physician ServicesUnderstanding Health Insurance Implementing Cost Control in Healthcare Physicain Rewards in the Academic Medical CenterThe FutureDesign and Redesign of the Health Systems' FuturesNeed for Health Policy Education in the Medical Curriculum Healthy Communities: Past, Present, and Future


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