Population Change, Labor Markets and Sustainable Growth, 281 book cover

Population Change, Labor Markets and Sustainable Growth, 281

Towards a New Economic Paradigm

Economists, graduate students and researchers of economics.


Published: January 2007

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-53051-6


  • 1. Introduction Andrew Mason and Mitoshi Yamaguchi2. Evolution of Recent Economic-Demographic Modeling:A Synthesis Allen C. Kelley and Robert M. Schmidt3. A Century of Demographic Change and Economic Growth:The Asian Experience in Regional and Temporal Perspective Allen C. Kelley and Robert M. Schmidt4. Demographic Dividends: The Past, the Present, and the Future Andrew Mason5. Demographic Change and Regional Economic Growth:A Comparative Analysis of Japan and China Tomoko Kinugasa, Wei Huang, and Mitoshi Yamaguchi6. Job Opportunities for Older Workers:When Are Jobs Filled with External Hires? Robert Hutchens7. Skills, Wages, and the Employment of Older Workers Naoki Mitani8. Work-Life Balance Measures and Gender Division of Labor Akira Kawaguchi9. Optimal Education Policies under an Equity-Efficiency Trade-off Takashi Oshio10. Why Are Japanese Refusing to Pay the National Pension Tax?:A Simultaneous Equation Analysis Mitoshi Yamaguchi and Noriko AokiThe Authors


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